Eden Refugee

Eden Refugee ~ Poems & Lyrics by Christine Bode


Christine Bode self-publishes her first book of poetry – Eden Refugee – available at Lulu.com

KINGSTON, ON – JUNE 26, 2008 – Christine Bode was born and raised in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. She has lived in Toronto and Vancouver and has been writing poetry and song lyrics since she was a teenager. Her first poem, about Shaun Cassidy, was published by Scholastic Book Services in Rock’s Biggest Ten and in 16 Magazine in 1978. Encouraged by a personal letter received from Bob Geldof in 1987 and mentored in this decade by Canada’s legendary broadcasting icon, author, actor and Renaissance man, Patrick Watson, she continues to write and almost understands the meaning of metre. Some of her work has been published in local newspapers, various American anthologies and on the Internet. Many of the original versions of the poems and lyrics in Eden Refugee have been edited.

Christine is the owner and operator of Scully Love Promo, a Social Media Management business through which she provides social media management, marketing, support, and promotion for first class talented musicians, authors and other artists. Christine is also an entertainment writer and contributes arts reviews to her own blog.

EDEN REFUGEE viscerally reflects the experiences of a young woman consumed by sex, drugs, rock’n’roll, unrequited love and a constant quest for spiritual enlightenment.

This is Christine Bode’s first published collection of poetry.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Back Cover of Eden Refugee

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ISBN: 978-1-4357-2630-7

July 6, 1987

Body and armchair, a fetal embrace;
mind drifts with music to a far-away place.
Tepid breeze whispers through open window;
steady, shallow breathing; prostitute’s bellow.
Dusk yawns over city; humid air, languid, still;
sleep escapes, stay awake, swallow another pill.

Neon lights flicker, sirens scream by;
not far, a poor bastard lies waiting to die.
Fires rage, rats scuttle, cats howl, children cry;
dogs yapping, derelicts hacking, streetcars rattling, trees sigh.
Heroin eyes; purple, haze-coloured vision;
downtown core, seething roach-infested prison.

Streets stink, cannot think, feet blister, skin peels;
strain to distinguish what imagined, dreamt or real.
Fetid heat, constant thirst; lover dead, fear the worst.
Hole in arm, needle in hand, pain all gone; where’s the band?
Fever breaks in sunshine land;
Sid will take his final stand.

© Christine Bode


March 22, 2008

You stared
at me
for a long while from your bar stool in
The Pale…
Silky raven hair
caressing your shoulders
You kept sweeping it from your
dark and wild as a
Connemara pony;
I thought you the most beautiful
who had ever caught
my gaze
and marveled at how I could have
possibly deserved it.

You heard me sing
after several pints and
shots of tequila
the theme song from
The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I turned
your world on with my smile,
seasoned and stoked
with memories of
Bob Geldof
at Vicar St.
that evening.

You sat next to me,
spoke in your
whispered hush,
and the next thing I knew
I was in your living room
watching the ever
Pearl Jam. You played
Yellow Ledbetter
and my soul has
never been the same.

More than four years have passed
and I still recall your
passionate words,
furtive glances,
gentle touch,
Scorpion tattoo,
fine patch of soft black chest hair,
the way you loved me,
for that moment and with your heart
held up a mirror
to reflect my beauty
that which I have only ever understood
through your eyes…
Me, your Hartley; You,
My own Black Irish
Johnny Depp.

© Christine Bode


“I keep Eden Refugee on my nightstand. Remarkable for its honesty and encompassing approach to those aspects of the human experience directly concerned with the heart and the search for fulfillment.”

Paige O’Neill
Everett, WA

“Dark poetry at its finest. Highly relatable with its cosmically mind-blowing truth of emotions. Emotionally, mentally and spiritually invigorating. Reminds you, even within darkness, there is light. Don’t be afraid to seek it. Seek it and you shall find it.”

Dawn D. Kilby, poet
Athens, AL

“Eden Refugee…I’ve read it…and it’s a MASTERPIECE!!!  Beautiful, soul-searching poems!  A must-read!  The poems are so heart-racing that a reader cannot put down the book until they get to the very last full stop. Moving!  Engaging!  Full of animation!  I read through your poems almost every day.  Dark, splendid, sensual and formatively refreshing, they suggest the sensitive craftsmanship of a woman poet, rebuking the love-drained myths of her life, evocative of depression, sexual lust, crush and the will to stride on, despite the lacklustre, through paths of promises and glaring hope. You’re a fine poet.  Carry on.  I wish you God’s speed.”

Nkwachukwu Ogbuagu, poet troubadour

“Eden Refugee has so many wonderful passages, making it easy to enjoy reading one page that seamlessly flows to the next. Christine Bode has a keen sense of the world around her including her stories of love, heart break and music. Eden Refugee is one of my favourite coffee table books that my family and friends see when they visit; nearly everyone reaches for it.”

Chris White, website designer, host & blogger
Kingston, ON

“Eden Refugee – The cover screams read me and the poems are insightful and poignant.”

Jamie Lynn Millard, poet

“Eden Refugee is an openly honest and frank look into our own lives and not just that of its author, Christine Bode. She covers such a depth of human ecstasy and suffering, a real tidal wave of emotive outcry until finally reaching the safety of the warm dry beach, only to start afresh on the next page!

Escape is the poignant drudgery of those without hope or glimmer of a future. Who of us has not had such moments? We can only think as we finish the poem that our own lives are not reduced to such darkness.

Magazine Dreams is such a common experience, either male or female! Who has not dreamed after the perfect mate from an untouchable medium?

Christine has a way of taking something as simple and enjoyable as watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show and making us laugh at it and ourselves all over again. She even walks into those difficult family emotions in For My Father and Eden Refugee, the title for the book.

The Revelation moved me as it was such an artful way to express the courage to face the future and should honestly be the opening note to a self help/positive thinking book! Bravo! Daily Affirmation is less elegant due to its frankness and very self deprecating; but one that will strike a cord with any woman who is feeling down about herself and it does happen to us all at one time or another, sisters!

I thought that Too Busy was spot on! What more is there to say about the madness of the Western Lifestyle?

Many of her poems are about seeking love and wanting to be loved. Even those of us in relationships feel this way at times. Christine does have a way, though she pines for a true mate, of making her experiences your own in the search for ultimate love and understanding. We all understand this deep seated need to be ‘at-one’ and whole. The longing for this deep connection is universal and she is able to communicate this to the reader.

Christine also branches out into the realm of spirit, mystery and religions.

She has found a certain level of peace, acceptance and hope through Love I Am and also I Know Why You Are Here. Synchronicity explores those odd moments we all have when the world suddenly shifts.

There is such audacity in the book Eden Refugee because Christine uses her own life as the material for her creations. It is far easier to read a book such as this than to write one which many of us will never have the courage to do!”

Gretchen Cornwall, lead singer of World Tree and writer
Margate, Kent, UK

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  1. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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