Eden Refugee by Christine Bode

Well, it’s time for me to toot my own horn for just one blog so that you can get to know a bit about me.

I was born and raised in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and have lived here for most of my life, minus the two years I spent in college in Belleville where I took Television Broadcasting at Loyalist College of Applied Arts & Technology, one year I lived in Vancouver (1994-1995) and the ten years I spent in Toronto (1985-89 and 1998-2004) where I worked primarily in medium and large-sized law firms as a legal assistant. I have also worked as a secretary and administrative assistant in a variety of industries including advertising, television (albeit very briefly – I worked at YTV in 1988), architecture and engineering, city government and medicine among others.

At the peak of my legal career, I was a legal assistant for Michael A. Levine, Canada’s leading entertainment lawyer, and a celebrity in his own right, at Goodmans LLP in Toronto. I enjoyed working for the force of nature that is Mr. Levine, but because of a two year run of unfortunate personal circumstances including having to attend 8 funerals, my dog getting very sick and costing me $5,000 at the vet, my purse getting stolen on my vacation in Ireland (2003) and my heart being broken, I had acute insomnia for eight months and ended up resigning from my position with Mr. Levine in 2004 because I felt I couldn’t keep up with the hectic pace of the position.

I have had a wide variety of creative experiences in my life including being the Vice-President of Student Programming while attending Loyalist College (1983-84) and booking all of the talent for special events and pub evenings. I have been a photo model for a print ad, worked as an extra while living in Vancouver (my first job was as an extra on The X-Files! I appeared in Season 2 – The Red Museum episode and was on camera a total of four times.), done some volunteer work as an usher, promoter of musicians and actors and even co-producer of a play. I had my own website called The Celtic Poet (2001-2004) where I wrote reviews and posted my photographs, as well as a photography business called Celtic Poet Photography for a couple of years and exhibited and sold my work in Artisan’s Alley in Kingston in the summer of 2006.

I have written about and posted photographs I took of Bob Geldof at www.boomtownrats.co.uk (one of the biggest thrills of my life was meeting him in Toronto at the Palais Royale on September 20, 2002!) I am also a Senior Entertainment Editor/Writer for our local entertainment website, PartyinKingston.com and the owner and operator of Scully Love Promo, an Internet based business through which I provide online marketing and promotion for first class talented musicians and authors.

Since I was a teenager I have been writing poetry and song lyrics because I am a huge music fan. My first poem, about Shaun Cassidy, was published by Scholastic Book Services in Rock’s Biggest Ten and in 16 Magazine in 1978. Encouraged by a personal letter received from Bob Geldof in 1987 and mentored in this decade by Canada’s legendary broadcasting icon, author, actor and Renaissance man, Patrick Watson, I have continued to write and almost understand the meaning of metre. Some of my work has been published in local newspapers, various American anthologies and on the Internet.

In June 2007, I self-published my first book of poetry and lyrics entitled Eden Refugee which is available for preview and purchase on Lulu.com and is now finally available at Amazon.com.

Many of the original versions of the poems and lyrics in Eden Refugee have been edited.

EDEN REFUGEE viscerally reflects the experiences of a young woman consumed by sex, drugs, rock’n’roll, unrequited love and a constant quest for spiritual enlightenment.

If you are one of the few who have read Eden Refugee and could leave a review of the book on Amazon.com, I would be very grateful.

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