Let Jo Barnes Tell You How To Explode Your Facebook Page!

A couple of weeks ago a friend and client of mine sent me the link to millionaire Internet marketer Chris Farrell’s FREE GIFT!!! How To Explode Your Facebook Fans and List. Believe it or not, the value of this absolutely FREE GIFT has been absolutely amazing! Anyone who wishes to learn some valuable secrets about how to explode your Facebook page will definitely learn something from Jo Barnes.

Jo offers a FREE 6 part video series if you join her newsletter. Her Ultimate Business Startup Blog is at http://jobarnesonline.com/. Jo is full of excellent advice and she knows what she’s talking about! Her prices for her courses are really reasonable. She’s a very dynamic, intelligent and honest person who is available to you to answer questions. She’s hands-down the most generous Facebook marketer I’ve ever come across. She’s also doing very, very well for just having started marketing with Facebook in August of 2010. She’s a real go-getter and a great video blogger!

I have been listening to her videos and reading her posts on her Free Fan Page Templates page on Facebook. I’m been working in social media marketing for almost 3 years and I knew a lot of what Jo suggested but not everything! She has taught me some great new tips that are very useful. I’m going to take her special course 2000 Fans in 27 Days just as soon as I can put a payment on my credit card.

These are the top 8 tips Jo suggests for exploding your fan page:

1. Increase your friends. (We have to start by increasing our own personal networks. I am going to be doing this whenever I can and I’m not working for my clients. I’m only at 938 friends on Facebook but that’s because I actually try to get to know each person at least a little so that I know what they’re into.) Write a friendly email request telling the person about you and asking if they’d like to connect with you on Facebook.

2. Groups – read their policy first and post on those that allow you to post content that adds value.

3. Create your own group(s) (but don’t just spam people with loads of affiliate links). (I personally am not going to do this because I don’t have time for groups and all the pages I already participate on – which is also a great way of letting strangers get to know you better and inevitably some of them end up putting in a friend request if they like you.)

4. Add a Like Box to your website or blog.

5. YouTube videos (the kind we actually make and not just links to those that are already there. I don’t have the capacity to make videos at home or I would start doing it. I will eventually.)

6. Events (Create events for the launch of a page or product; host a Q&A, Virtual Tea, webinar, etc. Target the creators of events and those who actually spend money on attending the events as people you would want in your own network because they are serious about networking.) Use Events as a search tool using keywords and pick those that have lots of confirmed guests.

7. You can use apps like Marketplace or Fiverr to place ads and or pay $5 to have people invite their networks to your page. (You can also buy an ad on Facebook which is what they really want you to do!)

8. Twitter. (Create a Twitter account and link your Facebook page to it. I will be posting a blog with some great Twitter tips very soon.)

You can also target your friends using an application called AdvancedSearch 2.2 Beta which you can add to your fan page and use to do a more specific search using keywords than the regular Search feature on Facebook.

The key when building our own networks is to look for people who are active and with whom we have things in common. The administrators of groups and fan pages are potential business partners because they are active.

These are just a few of the great tips I’ve learned from Jo Barnes. If you are serious about exploding your Facebook page, I would highly recommend connecting with Jo (and me) because she will absolutely be able to help you do just that!

Love you Jo!!

How To Create A Great Facebook Page

I’ve been using Facebook since December 2006 and have been working as a social media marketer, manager and internet promoter of authors, musicians and other artists for almost three years. I’ve learned a few things along the way about how to create a great Facebook page. I learned a lot about this by being regularly present on one of my favourite Facebook pages since its inception in May of this year: the Awesome Women Hub which was founded by Robin Rice and has been extremely successful (today they are at 10,859 members) because of the generosity model she uses for it.

The generosity model is essentially that the page is a place where you are encouraged to post about YOU. The Awesome Women Hub page is dedicated to women entrepreneurs and it is a place where they are welcome to go to talk about themselves in a personal way as well as about their business without spamming anyone. It’s a feminine entrepreneurial collective filled with good will, encouragement, and support. It’s also a very inspirational, positive place to be and Robin Rice knows what she’s doing when it comes to creating a great Facebook page, as does her business partner, Randy Grossman of Randy Grossman’s Amazing Musician Portal.

Here are some of the things you can do to increase membership on your page:

• BE PRESENT! Show up and post on your page every day if you can but at least a couple times a week
• Ask questions
• Provide engaging content
• Inspire your readers
• Offer GOOD information
• Host an incentive contest or giveaway
• Host a “virtual tea” event (an event where you invite people to join you on your Facebook page to discuss a specific topic or just to get to know each other)
• Give your page members something back, including allowing them a place to share their voice.

It’s that simple. I’ve been doing this with my Scully Love Promo page and I haven’t had the page for more than 6 months. I’m almost at 800 members. Most of those people are not my personal Facebook friends and I don’t know them. They join the page and I believe they stay because of the content I provide. I rarely send email updates and I try to offer them something useful (like notes and free PDFs about social media) once in a while aside from just posting links to information.

The one thing that I don’t agree with Robin Rice about is that you need to brand your name with a clever phrase attached to it, although it may not hurt. Every author and musician client I work with uses their name as their brand – all authors and musicians’ names are their brand. Why should that be different on Facebook? I mean Elton John doesn’t have a Facebook page that says Elton John’s Magical World of Tinkling Ivories, now does he? No, because he’s Elton John and people recognize his name. Everyone who is an author, musician or artist has to brand their NAME, not some phrase that includes their name. “Music IS the message and the musician IS the brand – anything else is extraneous and blurs the message.” My job as a social media manager is to foster awareness of the brand and message and I do that by promoting brands via social media.

You might not be the same person in five years. Do you want to have a phrase that’s attached to your name – stuck to it as your brand – in five years on Facebook when you may not be in that same place anymore? I wouldn’t. Now, for example, if you want to think of something that encompasses everything musically that you are involved with: solo, duo, trio, band, different genres of music, etc., then calling yourself West Coast Chanteuse Maureen Washington isn’t horrible. Unless you already are a household name, maybe it is a good idea to somehow distinguish yourself on Facebook as a singer/musician by including words in the phrase that support that.

I think it’s important to have all your social media ducks in a row, including your website. Musicians should still be on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube and have their own website as well because each of those sites does something different and is used for a slightly different purpose. Facebook is the most powerful of all the sites and it should be managed properly.

You just have to be patient, be REAL, and work hard at it.

So, how do you build your Facebook page membership and increase those numbers? The key is to show up and post great content and get your friends and other authors and musicians, etc. to support you by having them suggest your page to their network. Give them a good reason for doing this…do it for them as well!

This Christmas you can spread holiday cheer, good will and bring great joy to your Facebook friends at NO COST by simply choosing your favourite Facebook pages (not your own) and actually suggesting them to your friends! It will make those friends VERY HAPPY and you will have a Merry Christmas too!

Sometimes people who friend me on Facebook on my personal profile also delete me as a friend – maybe because I invite them to lots of pages – I don’t know. However, if they don’t like me for who I am, too bad so sad. Their loss.

So, the bottom line is, use your social networking sites in the right way and remember that social media is just that…social!

Why BandPage By RootMusic Is The Coolest Application For Musicians On Facebook!

I want to tell you about the best new Facebook application for musicians that I have found that by far exceeds the quality of iLike.com, which I was using for my clients and have gotten rid of, and replaced it with this new one.

It’s called BandPage by RootMusic. When you edit your Facebook fan (or music) page and then scroll down to the bottom of that page to where it says More applicationsBrowse more, you will come to the All Applications page and there you type BandPage into the search box and it will bring up the link to the application. You click on it and then you click on Add to my Page (right underneath the logo photo) and then select which page you want to add it to that you administrate.

You then go to www.rootmusic.com and set up an account there so that you can upload tracks, album cover art, post your tour dates, etc… RootMusic links to Soundcloud.com so if you don’t have an account with Soundcloud, it only takes a moment to register.

You have to input the information for your Facebook (FB) BandPage tab on the RootMusic website but once it’s complete, it will sync in to your FB BandPage tab and voila, it looks fantastic and has all the information you’d ever want people to see! You can also set the BandPage as the default landing page for people who haven’t “liked” your page yet.

So, this is a way to have a really professional looking BandPage tab on your Facebook page through which you can upload audio tracks and videos; it pulls in photos and videos from your FB page; you can add your Twitter feed, your blog URL, your website URLs, Email address, phone number, tour dates, and customize the look of it so that it looks like a professional page. You can do most of that for free!

However, for only US$20 per year you can customize the page to include a banner and colourful background, etc., to make it look really slick. That’s a good bargain because your FB fan page is really important, isn’t it?! There are also a few other features that you can use for that fee and they are described in the video link below.

This link will take you to a video that describes how to do everything. It’s long but very useful:


Start at 1:46 to listen and be patient. It will pay off! You can do this yourself and the application is really quite user friendly!

I think BandPage is awesome! The guys who run the BandPage page on Facebook are there to help you and will answer your questions. They’re musicians too and they’re great!

For more on this “cheap, powerful, customizable way for musicians to use Facebook”, read these blogs:



Creating Friend Lists and Filtering Your News Feed on Facebook

On Facebook, you can create lists of your friends to keep them in different categories (i.e., I have lists for my Craig Ferguson loving friends, musician friends, writer friends, dog lovers, rat lovers, best friends forever, etc.) or list them by topics so that you can then filter your news feed to get the news you are most interested in at the moment and also have a specific list of friends if you want to email them about something. It also gives you a way to see news that you might not be getting in your regular news feed because you’re not in touch with certain friends as much as others.

First of all, you go to your Home page and click on the Friends icon in the left hand column. When you do that your Friends List will come up and you’ll see which friends have recently updated their profile in some manner. At the top of that page is a box called + Create a list. You click on it and then another dialogue box pops up and you can enter a name for your list and then click on the photos of your friends who you would like to add to that list and then just click the blue Create list button at the bottom of the dialogue box.

That list will now be added underneath your Friends icon with its name and you can click on the link it creates any time to see what those particular friends are up to. This is a very useful tool to have when you have a LOT of friends and want to keep track of everyone. It’s a very time consuming thing to do if you have a lot of friends and have never made lists before but once you get organized, when you add new friends you can add them to one of your lists right away.

You can edit your list of friends any time. Go back to your lists and click on the list you want to edit. Then click on the Edit list button at the top of your specific list feed and add new friends or delete friends from the feed by running your cursor over the far right hand corner of a friend’s entry until you see the Hide button and click on it. It will give you the choice of hiding that person from the feed or canceling.

Note: You can only email 20 friends at a time on Facebook through your personal profile, so if your list contains more than 20 people, you will not be able to email everyone on it. This is why it is important for artists, entrepreneurs & businesses to have their own Like/Fan page on Facebook because those pages allow you to email everyone who is a member of the page at the same time.

P.S. You can have 1,500 friends on each list, each friend can be on more than one list, and you can make up to 100 Friend Lists.

For more tips on how to use Facebook effectively as well as other social media tips and links to great talent, join me at my Scully Love Promo page on Facebook!

Facebook For Dummies (2nd Edition) by Leah Pearlman & Carolyn Abram

Book Review
Title: Facebook For Dummies (2nd Edition)
Authors: Leah Pearlman & Carolyn Abram
Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.
Released: 2010
Pages: 360
ISBN-10: 0470527617
ISBN-13: 978-0470527610
Stars: 4.0

I consider myself an advanced user of Facebook. I have been using it for almost 4 years, both for personal use and to implement it as part of my internet promotion/social media marketing business for authors & musicians, Scully Love Promo. Despite this fact, I found that Leah Pearlman and Carolyn Abram’s Facebook For Dummies was well worth the read and the money I paid for the book.

I learned several good tips that I didn’t know about before and can definitely recommend it to all novice Facebook users. It will really help you to completely understand how this worldwide social networking phenomenon works.

Facebook connects you with the people you know and care about. It enables you to communicate, stay up-to-date, and keep in touch with friends and family anywhere. It facilitates your relationships online to help enhance them in person. Specifically, Facebook connects you with the people you know around content that is important to you. Whether you’re the type to take photos or look at them, or write about your life, or read about your friends’ lives, Facebook is designed to enable you to succeed. Maybe you like to share Web sites and news, play games, plan events, organize groups of people, or promote your business. Whatever you prefer, Facebook has you covered.

Facebook has rapidly evolved from an elite social networking site for Ivy League college students only – founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates/fellow computer science students Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes in 2004 – to the most popular social networking site on the Internet with a membership of over 200 million people in 2010. Facebook is ever-changing and although this edition of Facebook for Dummies was published in 2010, by the time I read it, Facebook’s developers had changed some things including issuing updated iron clad privacy settings as well as altering where some of the features are located, so not everything will be crystal clear in terms of comparing what is written in the book to what you now see on your home page or profile page. But I swear, it’s not hard to figure out.

Facebook has become THE PLACE to be if you have a business, brand or product that you would like to promote, not to mention it’s a fantastic place to connect with family and old friends, and make new ones. I love its photo sharing and linking features, not to mention the capabilities that we now have with fan pages (which in my mind have pretty much made groups obsolete), and I love that I’ve reconnected with people from my past who I missed. It’s also just plain FUN!! I’m personally not into the game applications but my sister, along with millions of other people, enjoy them immensely.

Facebook For Dummies will help you get started, share your life, get organized, delve further into Facebook and share Ten Great Third-Party Applications, Ten Ways Facebook Uniquely Impacts Lives, Ten Questions That Leah and Carolyn Get a Lot and Ten True Facebook Tales.

I went through this book with a yellow Hi-Liter and marked all the things I didn’t know or wanted to remember so I can share what I’ve learned with my clients and friends on my Scully Love Promo fan page on Facebook.

Do yourself a favour…don’t let social media/networking make you nervous or freak you out! If you want to get on board with Facebook and finally discover what everyone is talking about just get Facebook For Dummies and you’ll be all set to go! Hey, if my 66-year-old Mom (who swore she would NEVER join) can figure out how to enjoy Facebook and use it to promote a Mexican orphanage that she’s committed to and fundraises for, than you can too!

English Singer/Songwriter Emily Maguire Has A Stunning New Album, ‘Believer’

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Hello everyone!

I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful autumn Saturday!

If you don’t know about English born, Australia based singer/songwriter/musician Emily Maguire (http://www.emilymaguire.com), you’re missing out! Her music is an exquisite blend of rich, organic, acoustic folk-pop and her voice and style is reminiscent of the great Joni Mitchell, as well as Natalie Merchant, Suzanne Vega and Sarah Harmer. You can see what I mean by visiting her MySpace profile at http://www.myspace.com/emilymaguire and listening to some of her tracks there.

I look after Emily’s Facebook fan page for her and in case you haven’t noticed yet, we’ve been updating the fan page there with a lot of information, photos, links, reviews & lyrics on the discussion board, and more. We’ll have new songs that you’ll be able to hear coming soon, which will be found under the Boxes tab, along with a listing of Emily’s upcoming tour dates, which I’ve included here for your ease of reference and details are available at Concerts under the Boxes tab (UK fans are going to be very pleased!):

2009 Tour Dates

Tues 24 Nov
The Cellars Petersfield

Thurs 19 Nov
The Cluny Newcastle

Weds 18 Nov
The Boardwalk Sheffield

Tues 17 Nov
Baby Blue Liverpool

Thurs 12 Nov
Glee Club Birmingham

Mon 9 Nov
Cox’s Yard Stratford Upon Avon

Weds 14 Oct
Union Chapel Islington, London
[supporting Jon Allen]

Emily, her band, and her team are very grateful for your continuing support and we ask that you pass along the link to this fan page to your friends who you think might enjoy her music. All you have to do is click on the blue link that says Suggest to Friends under Emily’s profile picture and invite your friends by clicking on their photos and pressing the blue Sending Invitations button. It’s as simple as that!


And in case you’re wondering, yes, Emily does stop by whenever she can to read all of your wonderful comments! She’s very excited about her upcoming shows and the release of her newest (and third) album, ‘BELIEVER’, on November 16, 2009. She’s going to make a believer out of you!

Love & light,
Christine for Emily Maguire


In 2003, Emily Maguire got off a plane in Australia with a bag on her back, a bunch of songs in her head, and 3 weeks to work out what to do with the rest of her life. When the time came to leave, she cancelled her ticket back to London. Aussie producer Christian Dunham had persuaded her not give up her guitar for a proper job but to stay and make a record. What was supposed to be a short holiday on the Sunshine Coast turned into a whole new way of life – living on a farm, writing and recording songs, growing veggies, making goats cheese, collecting rainwater and dodging snakes and spiders in a beautiful shack made from recycled wood, tin and potato sacks.

Classically trained on piano, cello, recorder and flute, Emily was taught to read music when she was only 3 years old. By the time she was 12, she seemed destined to be a professional cellist, playing in competitions, attending chamber music courses, and taking a masterclass with the world-famous cellist Paul Tortelier. Growing up with no TV and only classical music in the house, Emily was quite happy reading books and playing Bach… until she discovered Bob Marley.

Given a guitar for her 21st birthday, Emily taught herself to play from his ‘Legend’ songbook and when a friend suggested she write her own song, she had a revelation. Always passionate about poetry, songwriting perfectly combined her love of words and music. By the time she left London for Australia, she’d written hundreds of songs in her bedroom, but despite all the classical music she’d performed as a child, she was terrified of singing her own songs in public. Over the next few years, Emily had to overcome her stage phobia, as well as her snake phobia.

In 2004, she recorded her first album ‘Stranger Place’ over 14 days and nights in an old farmhouse in the middle of a forest in Queensland. Critically acclaimed by the Australian media, the album’s opening track ‘The Real World’ got Emily an invitation to The Borderline Singer-Songwriter Festival in London, where she opened for David Bowie’s bassist Gail Ann Dorsey. Two years later, fresh from another tour of the UK, Emily and Christian returned to Australia to record her second album ‘Keep Walking’. By this time, Emily had gone from cellist to cheese-maker, and they financed ‘Keep Walking’ by making and selling organic goats cheese produced on the farm.

In 2007 she returned to the UK to play the Cambridge Folk Festival and do a 3-month tour of pubs and clubs before heading back to life on the farm. But fate had other plans in store. A fan who had seen her at Bournemouth Folk Club sent her CD to the producer of Aled Jones’ Radio 2 show ‘Good Morning Sunday’. One of the songs from ‘Keep Walking’ was played on the show and, as luck would have it, The Waterboys’ manager was listening. A week before she was due to fly back to Australia, Emily got a phone call from him asking if she would be prepared to cancel her ticket and fly instead to Ireland to start a 16-date tour with American legend Don McLean.

From playing to 20 people in a church hall in Bishop’s Stortford, Emily found herself on stage at the biggest concert halls in the country, including St David’s Hall in Cardiff, the Symphony Hall in Birmingham, the Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool, and Bridgwater Hall in Manchester, culminating in a sold-out show at the Royal Albert Hall in London. She credits hypnosis and brandy for helping her overcome her stage-fright.

Over the next 18 months, Emily opened for Paul Brady at the Royal Festival Hall, toured the UK and Ireland with Eric Bibb, played the Acoustic Stage at Glastonbury, opened for The Blue Nile at Somerset House, Galway Arts Festival and Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, headlined at Bush Hall, and toured with Glenn Tilbrook. The single ‘Keep Walking’ was playlisted on Radio 2 in the UK and on ABC Radio across Australia. In December 2008, straight from a tour with Roddy Frame, she went into Kore Studios in London with producer Philip Tennant to record her third album ‘Believer’. The album features Geoff Dugmore on drums, Christian Dunham on bass, Luke Potashnick on guitar, and Jae Yoo on violin.

Emily puts her classical training and cello-playing to good use, writing and recording all the string arrangements for all her albums. On her MySpace page she cites Bach, Bob Marley and Buddha as her influences. A practising Buddhist for over 10 years, both ‘Stranger Place’ and ‘Keep Walking’ are dedicated to her teacher Lama Jampa Thaye.

AV Leaked Documents & Photos: New Tour Begins!

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The Double Agent Tour Part II Begins– the Secret is Out!

Two shows in to their Top Secret Tour and somehow someone has blown it– the agents are already in the press. See the 2 links below, and paparazzi photos thereof…

So we may as well admit we know that indeed Agent AV and Agent Beard (whose identities uncannily resemble songwriters Ann Vriend and Matt Epp) are now on tour in the land of Canada, beginning on the West Coast and making their way across the prairies this month and next.

Revisiting some stops they made this past May on the Double Agent Tour Part I– and adding some stops– this evasive duo definitely made some waves and got invited back to quite a few places– using their humor and wit, harmonies and accompanying skills, and downright poignant songs they seemed to grab some folks’ attention despite the Top Secret-ness of this under-the-radar tour.

So, be sure to catch these 2 together before they both go their separate ways, as both are releasing albums shortly and will be touring extensively but separately in many parts of the world this year to support these releases.

The Top Secret Appearances Are:

Date: August 23, 2009 Venue: The Railway Club, http://www.therailwayclub.com Address: Vancouver, BC, CAN Description: solo, opening act Matt Epp, doors 8 pm, show 9 pm

Date: August 25, 2009 Venue: Hermann’s Jazz Club, http://www.hermannsjazz.com Address: Victoria, BC, CAN Description: double bill with Matt Epp

Date: August 27, 2009 Venue: Joe’s Garage, http://www.myspace.com/joesgarageon5th Address: Courtenay, BC, CAN Description: double bill with Matt Epp

Date: August 29, 2009 Venue: house concert Address: Salt Spring Island, BC, CAN Description: double bill with Matt Epp, for details contact booking@annvriend.com

Date: August 30, 2009 Venue: Duncan Garage Showroom, http://www.duncangarageshowroom.ca Address: Duncan, BC, CAN Description: double bill with Matt Epp

Date: September 2, 2009 Venue: Breeze Osoyoos Bar and Grill, http://www.breezeosoyoos.com Address: Osoyoos, BC, CAN Description: double bill with Matt Epp

Date: September 3, 2009 Venue: Sabine’s Salon Address: Kelowna, BC, CAN Description: Songwriting Workshop – double bill with Matt Epp

Date: September 4, 2009 Venue: Bignote Music Address: 517 16th Ave NE, Calgary, AB, CAN Description: double bill with Matt Epp, 8:00 pm; here is the link for viewing the concert online: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/live-from-bignote-music

Date: September 5, 2009 Venue: house concert Address: Edmonton, AB, CAN Description: email booking@annvriend.com for details

Date: September 11, 2009 Communitea Cafe, http://www.myspace.com/communiteacafe Address: #17, 1001 6th Ave., Canmore, AB, CAN Description: double bill with Matt Epp, tix $12, 8 pm

Date: September 12, 2009 Venue: Twin Butte General Store, http://www.twinbuttestore.ca Address: Twin Butte, AB, CAN Description: double bill with Matt Epp

Date: September 15, 2009 Venue: House Concert Address: Saskatoon, SK, CAN Description: double bill with Matt Epp, 7 pm, tix $15, Email Sandy Gilchrist at fritzie@sasktel.net or call 306-933-2887 for info

Date: September 16, 2009 Venue: House Concert Address: Swift Current, SK, CAN Description: double bill with Matt Epp, email booking@annvriend.com for details

Date: September 18-19, 2009 Venue: the Cyrk Address: Winnipeg, MB, CAN Description: Leonard Cohen Festival, for details visit http://thecyrk.ca

1st Leaked Document Link


2nd Leaked Document Link


Facebook Events

If you are on Facebook check out the link below to some of the shows on the Top Secret Tour Part II. Those NOT found in this are house concerts– if you would like info about those ones please email booking@annvriend.com.

http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=149339732523 – The Railway Club, Vancouver
http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=140415722385 – Hermann’s Jazz Club, Victoria
http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=114330172678 – Joe’s Garage, Courtenay
http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=117940908610 – Duncan Garage Showroom, Duncan
http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=155441854288 – Breeze Osoyoos Bar and Grill, Osoyoos
http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=118405991863 – Bignote Music, Calgary
http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=153981566489 – The Communitea Cafe, Canmore
http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=146319815922 – Twin Butte General Store, Twin Butte

OR, a link to all these events is:


Kelowna Songwriting Workshop

As part of the Top Secret Tour Agent AV and Agent Beard will be teaching a songwriting workshop in Kelowna on September 3. No need to know how to play an instrument, and no songwriting experience required! Agent AV has taught these courses around the world, and it is a fun and inspiring experience. For more information please email booking@annvriend.com. Space is limited so be sure not to wait too long!

And– not to mention, this workshop will be hosted in the studio of Sabine Jasper – zu Putlitz, a very accomplished and well-known German painter who is a great supporter of the arts scene in the Okanagan.

It will be a great time– Sabine’s is a “home away from home” for Miss AV. Thanks in advance for your continued hospitality, Sabine!


Bluebird North Edmonton

Another tour stop is in AV’s home town of Edmonton, where she will host the first ever “Bluebird North Edmonton.” This is going to be a very exciting series for songwriter lovers, which will take place 4 times a year in Edmonton!

We would like to send out a huge thanks to the Met Agency for their superb poster design for this event.

Here is a description of the event:

Bluebird North: Where Writers Sing and Tell

Don’t miss out on this musical showcase of some of Canada’s most inspiring songwriters during an intimate and interactive evening of Bluebird North, on Sunday, September 6th, at The Haven Social Club (15120A Stony Plain Road.

Bluebird North is based on Nashville’s famed Bluebird Café, which opened in 1982 as a casual gourmet restaurant with some live music. It quickly became a music club first and a restaurant second. In 1985 Sunday writer’s nights were added as a chance for new writers to audition and perform before a special guest writer. The Bluebird Café has been featured in many newspapers, TV, and is also the setting for the movie “The Thing Called Love,” starring River Phoenix, K.T. Oslin, Samantha Morton & Sandra Bullock. Kathy Mattea was the first star to be identified with The Bluebird, followed by Garth Brooks, Dierks Bentley and Kenny Chesney and Taylor Swift. The Bluebird’s concepts were adopted by The National Songwriters’ Association and were soon popping up all over the country.

After a continually successful run of Bluebird North in Vancouver, run by Shari Ulrich, the Songwriters’ Association of Canada is excited to bring this popular songwriter “sing and tell” showcase to Edmonton, hosted by local singer/songwriter Ann Vriend.
Showcased at this event will be:

Colleen Brown (AB) — this Alberta Emerging Artist Award recipient and folk/pop singer/songwriter has been called a national treasure in the making, along the lines of Joni Mitchell, Anne Murray, Gordon Lightfoot, or k.d. lang (S.Sperounes, The Edmonton Journal). With her new CD Foot in Heart in tow, and dedicated radio play across the country, Colleen is not to be missed!

Carrie Catherine (SK) – Currently recording her fourth album in Nashville with producer Colin Linden, Carrie has played festivals, showcases, house concerts, bars and performance spaces. She is a ‘confident entertainer…with a voice that seems a cross between the stylings of 50s girl groups and vintage country chanteuses” (O’Keefe).

Mark Davis (AB) – Mark has been an active participant in the Alberta music scene for over twenty years as a musician, record store owner, promoter, and instructor. He has appeared on no less than 20 albums as either a solo artist or as a member of Old Reliable. In 2007 Mark garnered him the title of most-played Canadian roots arts on CBC’s Galaxie satellite. He will release his third solo record early in 2010.

Matt Epp (MB) – “See where Frank Sinatra meets Ryan Adams and walks with Sam Cooke to Woody Guthrie’s house” (Jesse DeNatale). “Real as the ground we walk on… Matt writes music that feels ..as natural as the earth that shakes, spins and cradles us.” Matt’s latest album, “Safe or Free” is an honest soul-filled record, being toured from coast to coast.

Don’t miss out on this amazing event, Sunday September 6 at The Haven Social Club. Tickets are $12 at the door or at Tix on the Square (or $10 at the door for S.A.C. members who show their valid card). For more information on the S.A.C.’s mandate, activities and membership programs, please visit http://www.songwriters.ca.

Bluebird North is endorsed by the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, TN.


Edmonton Postering Needed– Tix and CDs in Return!

AV is looking for someone willing to poster around key areas in Edmonton to advertise the Bluebird North show– since rumor has it she herself is on tour hundreds of miles away from Edmonton this week and next, and thus will find it exceedingly difficult to do it herself.

The job would involve putting up the great posters — generously designed by the Met Agency in Edmonton, as above– in places such as Whyte Ave, downtown, and various cafes and artist friendly locations in Edmonton. There is not a budget to print that many posters, but it is still a time consuming job, so if you want to get a group together to do it we would be happy to provide your whole group with tickets and CDs, or, if you just want to do one particular neighborhood or section that is also ok, and we will disperse the task amongst the people who reply.

Please contact info@annvriend.com if you are interested in helping out!

Live Album

Yes, it’s almost here: AV’s much anticipated live album. It will be released first in Germany at the end of September, and not in Canada til much later, then Australia in early 201– but we’ll make sure you can get in online as soon as we possibly can, so please stay tuned!


Scully Love Promo Will Spread The Love About You!

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Scully Love Promo will spread the love about you!

Now is the time! It has never been easier or less expensive to promote your music or books online. With a strong online presence you can gain more exposure for your work than ever before. You will be able to reach a global audience and get noticed by the music and publishing industries as well as sell your CDs and books, 24/7, year round. Your networking opportunities and ability to make new friends all over the world have also never been more abundant!

It doesn’t have to cost a lot get the search engines and listeners/readers to notice your new official website or social networking site profile on MySpace, Facebook, Squidoo, iLike, ReverbNation, Twitter, etc. but it does take TIME. You’re a busy, touring musician or writer and you want to spend your time doing what you do best, making music or writing books. You know how beneficial it is to have a presence on MySpace and Facebook but you just don’t have the time to maintain it. That is where I come in!

I have a lifelong passion for and expansive knowledge of music and books, a diploma in Television Broadcasting and 24 years of administrative experience including experience working for Canada’s leading entertainment lawyer (Michael A. Levine) who is also the Chair of Canada’s largest literary agency, Westwood Creative Artists. With this knowledge and passion, and a desire to be my own boss, I have developed a business called Scully Love Promo.

I want to help musicians and authors to create and maintain their online presence on the top rated social networking sites in order to promote their talent and expand their fan base (by gathering more friends, naturally!). I only work with first class talent and stand behind my belief in my clients 100%. I can keep statistics for you that will come in handy when you’re applying for that government arts grant or loan. I can work as many hours per month for you as you can afford, and starting for as low as $100.00 per month I can devote 8 hours of my time to spreading the love about you! If you’d like me to spend more time, you can increase the block of time to 16 or 24 hours and still stay within your budget. If you’re a local artist (in the Kingston, Ontario, Canada region) I can help organize gigs and book signing events and send out press releases on your behalf too. In fact, I’ll do my best to help you in whatever way I can.

Now is the time! You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who will be more efficient or passionate about helping you and your work get noticed! If you need my help, or are curious about anything that I do, just send an email to scullylove@cogeco.ca and I’ll answer all of your questions promptly.

Scully Love Promo wants to spread the love about you!

What Scully Love Promo Is All About!


What is Scully Love Promo?

A Social Media Marketing and Internet Promotion business based in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, owned and operated by Christine Bode, focusing on the marketing and promotion of first class musicians, authors, actors, and artists on the Internet in order to promote their talents and expand their fan base.

How does Scully Love Promo propose to market and promote its clients?

Scully Love Promo will assist in the marketing and promotion of its clients on the Internet in the following ways:

  1. Creating MySpace and Facebook profiles (including Groups and/or Fan Pages) for the artist if they haven’t already been created and by blogging/promoting on MySpace, Facebook, Blogger, Gather, Squidoo, Shelfari , Chapters.Indigo.ca, ReverbNation, iLike, Twitter and other relevant social networking sites;
  2. Posting any information, links, bulletins, notes and/or blogs the artist wants to add to their profiles, including proofreading and editing of same;
  3. Creating events for the artist when applicable and inviting friends and fans to attend;
  4. Internet search for press and photographs (including Google Alerts) on the artist to include on their profiles;
  5. Search MySpace and Facebook for appropriate friends (fans) for the artist, adding them to their friends list and thanking each one individually with a comment;
  6. Answer as much intelligent correspondence from friends on the artist’s behalf as possible within the time constraints;
  7. Direct the artist to those individuals who should get their personal attention in the form of a comment or email;
  8. Provide the artist with monthly statistics regarding the increase of their fan base and the amount of plays each posted song or recording has received;
  9. Incorporate the ReverbNation application to profile;
  10. Post a profile on RevernNation and iLike for musicians;
  11. Provide musical artists with a CD review for Kingston, Ontario, Canada’s entertainment website, PartyinKingston.com at (PiK has reached over 11 MILLION PAGE VIEWS!);
  12. Write press releases when required;
  13. Offer photography services when feasible (within distance constraints);
  14. Ensure complete confidentiality where the privacy of the artist’s personal email is concerned;
  15. Block any individual whose profile contains any suggestion of pornography, racism, misogynism or violence.

Can anyone hire Scully Love Promo?

No. Scully Love Promo will only represent clients it feels passionate about.

Do I have to give Scully Love Promo my email address and passwords for my MySpace and Facebook accounts?

Not necessarily. It depends on exactly what features of our services that you want.

What is the fee for Scully Love Promo’s services?

  • $200.00 for creating MySpace and Facebook profiles
  • $300.00 for 15 hours of online time spent promoting the artist
  • $50.00 per press release
  • $100.00 per photo shoot including a CD of photos for the artist

NOTE: We will do our best to work within the artist’s budget and hours and fees can be adjusted.

How would one pay for Scully Love Promo’s services?

  • By direct email transfer of funds from their bank account to ours
  • Cheque or Money Order
  • Via PayPal account

When is payment due?

Upon completion of services provided, to be reported to the client via email.

How do I get in touch with Scully Love Promo?

Is Christine Bode willing to meet her clients in person?

Yes, she encourages her clients to meet her in person, as long as she doesn’t have to pay for travel costs.

What makes Christine Bode of Scully Love Promo qualified to provide these services?

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Diploma in Television Broadcasting
  • 24 years experience in office administration
  • Worked for Canada’s leading entertainment lawyer
  • Photographer for 30 years
  • Lifelong passion for music and the Arts
  • Volunteer promoter for almost 10 years
  • Entertainment Writer/Editor for PartyinKingston.com for over 3 years
  • Over 2 years of personal social networking experience
  • Ask for a copy of Christine Bode’s creative Résumé or look for it on Scully Love Promo’s blog on MySpace