RBC Bluesfest: ‘She’s the One’ Finalists Selected

She's the One Emerging Female Artists Competition boom 99.7NEWS RELEASE

Ottawa, May 30, 2013RBC Bluesfest organizers today announced the finalists for their third annual ‘She’s the One’ Emerging Female Artist Competition, sponsored by Ottawa’s boom 99.7. The competition is a cross-Canada talent search for the best in emerging Canadian female music talent. With the help of boom 99.7, the festival welcomed submissions from more than 200 Canadian female musicians. The competition includes a solo and band category.

Ann Vriend

Ann Vriend

This year’s finalists in the Solo Category are Ann Vriend, Suzie Vinnick, and Ottawa’s own Tara Holloway. Finalists in the Band Category are Saidah Baba TalibahDanielle Duval; and Alejandra Ribera. Sample their music by clicking here or going to the RBC Bluesfest website and visiting She’s the One, on the ‘PERFORMERS’ list.

These six finalists will have a 20-minute slot to perform at the RBC Bluesfest in front of professional jury, on Saturday, July 6. One winner will be chosen from each category. Judging will be based upon various criteria, including performance, stage presence/showmanship, originality, musicality, audience reaction, and the ever-important ‘It’ factor.

Up for grabs are cash prizes:

  • Band Category winner will receive $5,000;
  • Solo Category winner will receive $2,000.

There’s also the bragging rights and exposure that go along with performing at one of North America’s pre-eminent music festivals. RBC Bluesfest staffer, Ana Miura helps coordinate the contest and marvels over the ever-growing popularity of the competition and the level talent that has come forward. “You can really see that this initiative is catching on,” says Miura. “We received close to double the number of submissions and the talent has been amazing! “

Festival fans will have a chance to see just how amazing when the winners are determined at this summer’s RBC Bluesfest.


‘She’s the One’ contact: Ana Miura
Coordinator, She’s The One Emerging Female Artists Competition
Sponsored by boom 99.7
613-247-1188 x302

Note: I’m cheering on my client Ann Vriend and wish her the very best of luck in this competition!

Ann Vriend’s Love & Other Messes Is One of My Top 2 Favourite CDs of 2011

CD Review
Title: Love & Other Messes
Artist:  Ann Vriend
Label: Independent
Released: 2011
Stars:  4.5

I should have written this a LONG time ago but I generally don’t review the work of my clients once they’ve become a client as this could be seen as a conflict of interest and undermine the influence of my opinions, for all they’re worth.  However, I have to make an exception in the case of Ann Vriend’s Love & Other Messes.  Critically acclaimed by numerous major Canadian newspapers & publications, listed on CKUA Radio’s Top 100 of 2011, honoured among The Ottawa Sun’s Top 7 Indie Album Picks for 2011, and following successful Canadian, Australian, Dutch & German tours to showcase it, Love & Other Messes is one of my top two favourite CDs of 2011. I’m declaring this because Ann’s a superb talent and not because she’s my client.  I started out as a fan and I’ll be one of her biggest fans forever!

Love & Other Messes, Vriend’s 6th album since 2003, is a collection of 12 exquisitely crafted songs, punctuated by Ann’s unique and easily recognizable vocals, that can’t be defined by one genre.  It falls somewhere between pop, soul and Americana, and opens with the country ballad “Everybody Sings in Nashville”, a song with backing vocals by Coco Love Alcorn & Chloe Albert that should have been a hit in Nashville and would be if Dolly Parton sang it.  (There’s still hope!)  “Best Thing” is a sophisticated, upbeat pop ditty with echoes of Motown careening through it, also supported by the very gifted Alcorn & Albert, and highlighted by Ann’s keyboards as well as Alcorn’s trumpet and the distinguished organ of David Aide (which is the case for every track).  James Forrest contributes bass, Robin Pelletier and Alan Wall play guitars and Thom Bennett adds drums throughout.

“Don’t Cry” is a revamped, stripped down version of the same pop ballad that was over produced on Vriend’s 2nd album, Modes of Transport.  This is by far the superior version of the song but it’s one of my least favourite tracks on Love & Other Messes.  “The Way You Let Me Down” is bluesy pop with some of the best playing by the musicians on the album not to mention a prime example of Vriend’s spectacular ability to hit some really high notes!  The blues make another appearance on “Possession Blues”, a simply produced song with only piano, guitar & vocals, and its’ recording reminds me immediately of Robert Johnson.

“Excuses No. 1-8” is a stark, plaintive piano ballad depicting various excuses one may give for not wanting to marry that certain someone while “More or Less” reiterates the importance of accentuating the positive while gently letting a lover down by not lying to them about your feelings.  “Tin Man” is a splendid ballad, using a brilliant metaphor from Oz, the likes of which you may have heard from the star that is Jann Arden.  Love is messy after all.

“Graffiti On My Heart (You Must Not Love)” is the only song of its kind on this CD, recorded live with a gang of vocal participants who carry on the bracketed refrain, and with its memorable gypsy/carnival romping sing-a-long gives Ann a reason to play the kazoo when she plays it live.  Sheer fun!

There are so many great tracks to choose from that it’s hard to pick a favourite.  I have three favourites including the sultry & divine duet with Matt Epp, “If You Were Here”, a ballad dedicated to the incomparable Jeff Buckley; “Long Distance Call”, another impressive ballad with background vocals by Epp that reminds me of someone special from my past; and my very favourite, the gospel charged call for divine assistance that should impress even Van Morrison and was my mantra for 2011: “Somebody On The Ground.”

Love & Other Messes’ CD packaging design by Simon Farla is the best of all of Vriend’s collection and offers a 28 page lyric booklet with terrific sepia tone photographs featuring splashes of washed-out vermillion.  Oh, and I was very honoured to be mentioned in her Thank Yous too.

You will honestly be hard-pressed to find many other female, Canadian singer-songwriters who aren’t already a household word who deserve to be more than Ann Vriend.  If she stays true to her own vision and continues to write classy songs of this magnitude, I have no doubt that she will be a Canadian music legend some day.

“William & Kate”: A Song Written for Prince William and Kate Middleton

“William & Kate” is a sweet and whimsical song written for Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The first inspiration for “William and Kate” came from a little melody line and guitar phrase that Roadmap Music songwriter Norm Strauss was trying to build on. He eventually played it for fellow Roadmap Music songwriter Andrew Smith. The two songwriters started collaborating on the song and soon had what they felt was the perfect musical framework for telling a charming, if not fanciful, version of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s now very public relationship. Having heard Canadian artist Ann Vriend play at a music conference a few weeks earlier, they felt they had found the right voice to capture the emotion so they invited her to the studio to help form the recording of the song. The song is sort of what someone might imagine William and Kate to be like. Meeting at their favorite café in Kensington, watching classic movies late at night, the whole while being followed by the ever present paparazzi. It’s a bit of a fairy tale romance. A bit of escapism for a nation that could use a good smile now and then.

“William and Kate” by Norm Strauss, Andrew Smith & Ann Vriend

If you are interested in featuring this video and its story in your online publication, we would love to hear from you.

Best regards,

Christine Bode
Scully Love Promo
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Kingston, ON K7K 1R1
(613) 531-9549
Email: scullylove@cogeco.ca
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New Ann Vriend Album Available For Download

From Ann Vriend’s Latest Newsletter:


Folks, I am very happy to announce that my new album, “Love & Other Messes”, is now available for download via the link below. You can download the whole album and front cover artwork, or individual tracks.

I produced the album myself, co-produced with engineer Alan Wall and my bassist James Forrest. I have to say it’s the one I am most proud of to date, and I’m dying to know what you think of it!

Now, before you do anything reckless like download the songs immediately, read this little insider fan tidbit of info, because it might affect your decision:

1) the physical album will be available in a matter of days or even hours to order online, and it contains a 28 page lyric booklet which has blurbs about the songs and a lot of photos, as well as the lyrics and musician credits, and the whole package is made from 100% recycled material. So, you may want to wait to get the real deal vs the digital deal for only a few more bucks than downloading all the tracks. There will be a Paypal button posted on my website shortly, and on it will be an option to get it signed and/or a personalized message written on it by yours truly. Makes an excellent Christmas present if I don’t say so myself! (bias accusations accepted).

2) the album is going to be pressed on vinyl in a month or 2, and the vinyl album will come with a download card for the songs. It will cost about $25 – $35 because it costs a lot to manufacture them, but in case this is an option you prefer you might want to hold off til then. HOWEVER: the record on vinyl will ONLY BE AVAILABLE AT LIVE SHOWS so be aware of that!

So, you see, it pays to be on the AV Mailing List :).

By the way, my stance on downloading versus album sales is that while I don’t want to give away my music for free I think hey, this is the new medium, people want to have songs digitally, CD cases take up storage room, and as long as in general I can keep on making a living from music I am happy– which is the case so far, thanks to YOU. I feel very supported by the fans of my music so I’d rather have you download my music and pass on the word about it then never get around to listening to it because it’s too expensive/cumbersome to get the actual CD. My hope is that you’ll like the songs so much you’ll either come to a show, bring your friends, pass the music on to other people who will then become fans, host a house concert, or something else that puts $ into my pocket one way or another down the road. I do make some income from digital downloads so this little paragraph is to clear your consciences about downloading my music. Download away, and thanks so much for your ongoing support 🙂



I have one week of shows remaining in Deutschland. So far I’m having a blast! The concerts have been going really well and I am learning a (mostly unrelated) mix of German words, visiting castles and cathedrals, loving the lack of speed limits on the Autobahn, and slowly figuring out the Deutsche Bahn train schedules (still working on that one). Biegen sie links ab! Rot wein! Genau!

Here’s a list of my remaining tour dates in Germany. Full details for the shows are posted via the link below.

Danke to everyone in Germany who has made this tour so fun so far!

Wetzlar November 16

Dillenburg November 17

Trier November 18

Düesseldorf November 19

Mülheim an der Ruhr November 20



It’s on Sunday, November 28. Which, I just discovered today, is the same day that the Grey Cup will be held in… Edmonton. Argh! If only I was on top of Canadian football news I would have known this. But alas, I regret to say that I am obviously not on top of that, and my excuse is that I’ve been out of the country for a few weeks, and out of the province since the end of Sept. (But I did vote in advance for the municipal election, does that count for anything?)

Anyway, it occurred to me that not all Edmontonians are football fans, and so I have decided the unofficial title of this next Bluebird North Event will be: The Alternative Show to Men Jumping On Top Of Each Other For Fun And/Or Money”. (Or TASTMJOTOEOFFAOM, which admittedly is not the best acronym there ever was.)

It will be my first week back in Edmonton after a long hiatus, so, my fellow Edmontonians, do come by and say hello, and enjoy a show– in which I will be very surprised if anyone, male or female, jumps on top of each other. But it still will be entertaining– I’m excited about the line up and the shows are getting rave reviews from attendees!

I am the host and producer of the show, and will play a song at the beginning of each set, but in general it features 4 other songwriters from across Canada who will play 2 sets in the songwriters-in-the-round style. This show’s 4 featured songwriters are:

Karyn Ellis, Brian McCleod, Kim Wempe, and Dave Newberry.

For advance tickets and complete details please visit this link:



Kelowna show and live internet streaming thereof on Friday, December 11 (deets via the link below). Looking for a house concert or 2 that same weekend as a duo with my bassist for the 10th and/or 12 in the Okanagan area, so if you’d like to host one let me know at booking@annvriend.com

Coming up in 2011:

Full 7 piece band tour to release the album across Alberta at the end of January

CD Release Tour of Australia late February – Early April

CD Release Tour of Canada May – Mid June

Details are slowly coming together for each, so stay tuned and keep checking in!

Thanks for your support!




TO ORDER ANN VRIEND’S NEW ALBUM ON CD BABY, CLICK: https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/annvriend

Ann Vriend News: The 2 Letter Short Form Mystery & Poland


Leaving the muggy and hot Big Smoke and Centre of the Universe this evening on the way to Europe; as I have the privilege of performing at the International Leonard Cohen Festival in Krakow, Poland this coming weekend.

It will be my first time in Poland and I am very much looking forward to it. I know zero words in Polish so this should be an interesting week indeed!

Details for the festival can be found at the link below.

Thanks also to all the people we’ve been hanging out with all week in Ontario for making this such a fun trip! In fact it has been so fun that my worst problem all week has been finding time to sleep b/w jams, parties, gigs, hangs, hot tubs, and house concerts. If that is your worse problem all week then life is pretty good, right? (well, another problem is that I literally have over 75 mosquito bites from the wedding I attended this weekend, but I’ll probably survive).


BC and AB

If BC stands for “Before Christ”, what does “AB” stand for I wonder?
While contemplating this question I will also type out the dates I will be performing in these 2 provinces over the next 2 months. Full details for each of these shows can be found at the link below.

Duncan, BC, Aug 12
Crofton, BC, Aug 13
Vancouver, BC, Aug 14
Revelstoke, BC, Aug 17
Kelowna, BC, Aug 18
Log cabin festival outside of Stony Plain, AB, Aug 29
High River, AB, Sept 24
Beaver Mines (Crowsness Pass), AB, Sept 25


DC (Washington)

And if that isn’t a mind boggling enough question, what does DC stand for? (Da Capital?)

Well, regardless, the 3rd weekend of Sept I get to perform there, Sept 17 – 19, and will have full details posted about that soon!



ON stands for “on”, but with more vigor.

I will be touring in that province for the month of October, and will have full details posted soon about that, too.



DE stands for Germany, naturally.

That is where I will be touring in November, including some double bills with my long time cohort Mr. Matt Epp (a.k.a. Agent Beard).

We will be posting the full tour details within the week on this one!


New MySpace, AU

My Australian booking agency has taken it upon themselves to re-do the look of my MySpace page, including using the photo taken for the front cover of The Australian (national newspaper) last March when I was touring there. You can check it out via the link below.

Looks like the 2011 Aus tour will take place Feb – April 2011, and this time with my bassist. Can’t wait! Hope your Winter is going well, mates!
(by the way, AU stands for one of the many vowels in the Aussie pronunciation of the word “no”).


News From Ann Vriend: Ontario, Poland, BC, and Shumka

Ottawa, Toronto, Collingwood

As of Thursday I’ll be away from home for a month, beginning with a week in my mother’s home turf of Ontario. Have a good friend getting married so decided to play a few shows with friends while I’m out there. The public ones are:

Ottawa Thursday, July 22 Venue: Fat Tuesdays Address: 62 York Street, Ottawa, ON Time: 8:30 pm Description: Duo with drummer Pat Phillips, 2 sets Top Secret Insider Info: see the attached evite above.

Toronto Thursday, July 29 Venue: The Central, www.thecentral.ca Address: 603 Markham Street (the Annex), Toronto, ON Time: 9 pm Description: Triple bill with Dave Borins (Toronto) and Ian Foster (Newfoundland). AV on first at 9 pm. Some musical collaboration and duets may happen as the nite wears on…

Collingwood Friday, July 30 Venue: House Concert Address: contact Sue at info@untangledliving.com Time: TBA– early evening sometime Description: double bill with Dave Borins, www.myspace.com/daveborins, both artists accompanied by drummer Pat Phillips. For details (ie: address, start time, etc) contact Sue at info@untangledliving.com. AV’s first time in Collingwood!

AND: myself and my drummer both unexpectedly have the nite off in the Ottawa area this Friday nite– when does THAT ever happen? we would LOVE LOVE LOVE to play a house concert or party or back yard BBQ in the greater Ottawa/Gatineau region so, mes amis, si vous avez une maison qui veut la musique….? (et les gens…) m’a dit! Let me know! booking@annvriend.com.



Then (naturally) I head to Poland, where I am playing at a Leonard Cohen Festival August 6 – 8. (Details via the link below). First time ever in Poland. 5th time in 3 continents playing at a Cohen festival– doubt I’ll ever get the chance to meet the man (tho he’s on my top 5 list of people who would probably be a very cool person to have a conversation with).

Thanks to all the Cohenites for inviting me back again!



Yep, after Poland I head West to British Columbia, Canada, to do some shows out in my birthplace province with my bassist James, and say hello to the Pacific Ocean while it’s at its warmest on Canadian soil (which is still not very warm, but still beautiful).

The shows are listed via the link below– check back again in a week or 2, as some of them are still shifting around, BC – style 😉

After the shows by the ocean I go to the interior of BC to play a concert in Kelowna with a trio I met in Australia, and then head up to Mabel Lake for a family holiday (no electricity, running water, or internet– just the family, lake, and mosquitoes…), and then back to civilization at the end of August (assuming my family doesn’t count as civilization– debatable, esp after a few days of non showering and a few drinks…)



The Shumka Dancers choreographed and performed my song “Take My Hand” with me this past November at the Jubilee Auditorium in Edmonton, at their annual gala. There is finally a clip posted, featuring Jeff Mortenson from Cirque Du Soleil. Click below and scroll down to the video “Take My Hand”, Ann Vriend.

I hope to get my hands on a copy of the whole song soon!


Album Update

As of Sunday I finished the tracking of my next studio album. I hope to have copies available by sometime in September. I feel very proud of this one and am very excited to have you all hear it. Stay tuned! I’ll be playing songs from it at my upcoming shows.

Thanks again for your support,

Ann Vriend News: AB Tour, How To Get In The Liner Notes, Aus Pics

Ann at the Palais in Hepburn Springs

AB Tour

Hello mates!

I made it back to “Canadia” as they say in Aus. Got to hear all fasten your seat belt instructions in 2 languages again — really missed that.

May plans: Filming a video and then — touring and recording my next studio album.

Doing a few house concerts with Coco Love Alcorn (nominee of 2 East Coast Music Awards this year) who will be singing vocal harmonies and opening up the band shows. She is fab — check her out, www.cocolovealcorn.com. Then taking the whole 7 piece band on a mini tour of AB, and then recording the album right afterwards. Yay!!

At the Edmonton and Calgary shows WE WILL BE RECORDING THE AUDIENCE DURING 2 AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION SONGS and those participating will have the opportunity to put there names down to be included in the album liner notes! I may regret this decision as it may end up I have QUITE long liner notes. But I promise the album artwork will be made from 100% recycled material, so no one need feel bad. Except maybe the graphic designer.

Here are the show details.

NANTON Date: May 22, 2010 Venue: House Concert Address: Nanton, AB, CAN Description: double bill with Coco Love Alcorn, deets TBA

MEDICINE HAT Date: May 23, 2010 Venue: Ye Old Jar Barn Address: Medicine Hat, AB, CAN Description: double bill with Coco Love Alcorn; contact Piet at pietina@shaw.ca for tix; space limited– will sell out!

CALGARY Date: May 26, 2010 Venue: Cantos Music Foundation – http://www.cantos.ca Address: 134 11 Ave. S.E., Calgary, AB, T2G 0X5, CAN Description: with full band – including new songs from Ann’s next album, never performed before! Concert goers will have the option of participating in 2 audience participation songs which will be on Ann’s next album — recorded live at the show! Participators will get their names printed on the album liner notes! For show details contact Greg Curtis at gtcurtis@ucalgary.ca / 403-543-5115; opening act: Coco Love Alcorn – http://www.cocolovealcorn.com; All Ages Show; 7:30 pm; Tix $16 – available at https://primeboxoffice.com/Online/seatSelect.asp?BOset::WSadmissions::admission::performance_id=C2940ADD-0DF8-4E30-AE53-E1039105D7B8

DRAYTON VALLEY Date: May 27, 2010 Venue: Eleanor Pickup Arts Centre Address: Drayton Valley, AB, CAN Description: with band, more details TBA; opening act: Coco Love Alcorn

EDMONTON Date: May 29, 2010 Venue: Myer Horowitz Theatre Address: 8900 114 St. NW, Edmonton, AB, T6G 2J7 CAN Description: with full band, including new songs from Ann’s next album, never performed before! Concert goers will have the option of participating in 2 audience participation songs which will be on Ann’s next album — recorded live at the show! Participators will get their names printed on the album liner notes! Tix now on sale here: http://www.tixonthesquare.ca/event/detail/1687/. Opening act: Coco Love Alcorn

LETHBRIDGE Date: June 4, 2010 Venue: House Concert Address: 2227 21st Ave., Coaldale, AB (Lethbridge), CAN Description: double bill with Coco Love Alcorn; contact Ryan at 403-634-2357 for tickets; Tix $20, doors 7:00 pm, show 8:00 pm


Direct Link to Edmonton Show Tix

Here u go mates:


Direct Link to Calgary Show Tix

And in “the other” big AB city:


More Aus Faux Toes

I am slow at sorting thru photos. There are still “heaps” more, but I have songs to finish! So here’s the next batch, at least. See them here. I think even if you’re not on Facebook you can still view them?


Press I Forgot to Post


And This One re Vegemite…


Thanks mates!

A really big thank you to all the people who helped me out SO SO much in Aus this tour. There are heaps of you, but in particular a big thanks to Barry Swayn, Penny Hope, Steph Hille, Abby Edwards and Onya Soapbox, Nicole, Christian, and Josh (Casio), James Parry, Chris Flanagan, David Ross McDonald, Brianna Carpenter, Bob Nixon and Pete Green, Klanger, Mat and Kathleen Smith, Cat Leahy, and Heidi and Paul.

You all rock. And/or frock (folk-rock).


Ann Vriend Talks About: Video, 1 Sydney Show Tues, Aus, AB, Album, Poland

Video For “On Your Street”

Shot this summer in one hour with my bassist, James Forrest (also known to some from recent tours as “Agent Many Trees”).

Story: Me and James played an impromptu and very fun house concert in Edmonton this past summer. Director Steve Ashworth was in the audience and was so inspired by “On Your Street” that he immediately organized a video shoot for us — for free! — by calling in favors from camera men, editors, etc. We had only one hour to shoot it so it was pretty intense!

Thanks to Ponytails and Horseshoes for donating hair styling, James Kershaw for once again donating make up services to me, Shoshona Kish for lending me her red dress, Brett Manaluck for donating his camera and immense talent, David Kelso for editing and keeping track of everything (Steve included!), and to Steve Ashworth for directing.

Comments welcome 🙂

Watch by clicking here:


One and Only Sydney Show This Tues (tomorrow)

Yep, a brief stop in the big Aus city. Sharing the bill with Melanie Horsnell, who is AMAZING, and one of my top most favorite Aus artists. Please pass this info on to any Sydney folks you may know. I can’t wait for this show! And can’t wait to see the Sydney gang again! And can’t wait to get out of this airport where I confess I have missed my flight out of Tas (semi long story) and spent 3 hrs working on this newsletter, among other less exciting things….


Melanie Horsnell, Ann Vriend, and Jason Walker

The Raval (above the Macquarie Hotel in Surry Hills)

8:00 pm

For more details see the flyer to the right of this newsletter or call the Raval at 02 8262 8868

Advance tix here: www.moshtix.com.au

Drum Media Article

Not keeping you very abreast of the (what seems like) hundreds of press things that have been going on — mainly because I have been so busy DOING them! (and oh boy getting around by car on the other side of the road has been good for the adrenalin levels).

But here’s one in Drum Media (see jpeg to the right).

Got a phone call from an old lady in Tasmania today who saw one in a Tas paper — so apparently there was a story in there, too. I told her my website but she said she’d never used the internet. But somehow she got my phone number! Wow.

If you missed the last newsletter I also made the front page of The Australian last month– see my website for the hyperlink. I’ll get organized one of these days and post the rest…

Other Aus Dates

Here’s deets for the rest of the Aus shows. It’s been amazing so far! I am learning Australian at an alarming rate, thanks to my new mates here. For instance, I def have been chucking my fair share of u-eys (sp?) this week, due to my first bout of driving on the tour (and yes, I have a GPS but still find myself screwing up anyways– am discovering there are Elizabeth Streets in every friggin’ town in this country! And not all of them have ABC stations on them). Also there is a Perth in Tasmania, which is not where I thought Perth was, but then there is one in Ontario, too, which is also not where one would expect Perth to be.

Date: April 14, 2010 Venue: Woonona Bulli School of Arts Address: 479 Princes Hwy, Woonona, NSW 2517, AU Description: solo, show 8:30 pm

Date: April 15, 2010 Venue: The Clarendon Guest House – http://www.clarendonguesthouse.com.au/ Address: 68 Lurline St., Katoomba, NSW 2780, AU Description: triple bill with Jason Walker (8:00 pm) and Melanie Horsnell Band (9:50 pm), show 8:50 pm, Tix $20

Date: April 16, 2010 Venue: Bon Amici’s – http://www.myspace.com/bonamicicafe Address: Shop 13-14, 191 Margaret St., Toowoomba, QLD 4350, AU Description: double bill with Brianna Carpenter, show 9:00 pm, Tix $10

Date: April 17, 2010 Venue: Brisbane Jazz Club Address: 1 Annie Street, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, QLD 4169, AU Description: duo; doors 6:30 pm, show 7:30 pm, Tix $15 members, $20 Non-members, $17 Concession; contact Malcolm Wood at (07) 3391 2006 / 0407 063 375

Date: April 18, 2010 Venue: Peregian Originals, Peregian Beach Surf Club Address: 7-11 Kingfisher Drive, Peregian Beach, Sunshine Coast, QLD 4573, AU Description: solo, show 2:00 pm

Date: April 18, 2010 Venue: The Troubadour – http://www.thetroubadour.com.au Address: 1st Fl., 322 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, QLD, 4006, AU Description: triple bill with Ben Stewart and Brianna Carpenter, show 7:30 pm, Tix $15

Date: April 20, 2010 Venue: Ric’s Bar – http://www.ricsbar.com.au/ Address: 321 Brunswick St., Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006, AU Description: double bill with Eleanor Angel, show 8:30 pm

Date: April 22, 2010 Venue: Premiers Bar, Brisbane Conrad Treasury Casino (Top of the Mall) Address: 21 Queen Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000, AU Description: solo, show 9:15 pm

Date: April 23 – 25, 2010 Venue: Mount Beauty Music Festival – http://www.musicmuster.org.au/ Address: Beauty Ave., Mount Beauty, VIC 2699, AU Description: solo

Date: April 30 – May 3, 2010 Venue: Wintermoon Folk Festival – http://www.wintermoonfestival.com/ Address: Brodies Road, Mackay, QLD 4798, AU Description: solo


Alberta in May– you can be on the new album!

Yep, there are also some Alberta shows on the horizon. Full details and ticket info will be announced soon– but for now let’s just say that I will be recording my next studio album with my band IMMEDIATELY following these shows. I will be bringing the whole band with me so that we can air the songs out in front of you before we go into the studio and record them. (Plus of course we’ll be playing some favorites from the other previous albums.)

The band is going to be stellar!! And it will include background harmonies and trumpet by Coco Love Alcorn, who will also be opening the shows. We toured together in Feb. and it was SUPER fun! She was nominated this year for 2 East Coast Music Awards and is amazing!


PLUS: we will be RECORDING THE AUDIENCE for at least 2 songs on the album for which I have written crowd background vocals and percussion parts. So, if you show up and participate and write your name down after the show your name will be in the liner notes. Yep, there will need to be an extensive liner notes booklet but I will make sure it’s printed on recycled paper. More on this later. But for now make sure to mark these dates down in your calendar:

Date: May 23, 2010 Venue: House Concert Address: Medicine Hat, AB, CAN Description: details TBA

Date: May 26, 2010 Venue: Cantos Music Foundation – http://www.cantos.ca Address: 134 11 Ave. S.E., Calgary, AB, T2G 0X5, CAN Description: with band, for details contact Greg Curtis at gtcurtis@ucalgary.ca / 403-543-5115; opening act: Coco Love Alcorn – www.cocolovealcorn.ca

Date: May 27, 2010 Venue: TBA Address: Drayton Valley, AB, CAN Description: with band, more details TBA; opening act: Coco Love Alcorn – www.cocolovealcorn.com

Date: May 29, 2010 Venue: Myer Horowitz Theatre Address: 8900 114 St. NW, Edmonton, AB, T6G 2J7 CAN Description: with band, details TBA



I have been invited to play at the International Leonard Cohen Festival in Krakow, Poland this coming August. Very excited! Never been to Poland before. That’s all. Just wanted to tell you.

That’s all for now.

Gotta go board flight and not miss THIS one!


Ann Vriend Releases Gorgeous New Video for ‘On Your Street’

Edmonton singer-songwriter Ann Vriend is quietly working her way towards global domination this year as she has not only toured across Canada from Vancouver to Quebec this past winter and appeared at the Folk Alliance Music Conference in Memphis, Tennessee in February, but is currently touring Australia where she recently made the front page of The Australian newspaper as well as Sauce magazine in Tasmania.

Ann Vriend in Sauce Magazine from Tasmania

In addition to playing many more Canadian dates this year, Ann will also be playing the International Leonard Cohen Festival in Krakow, Poland from August 6th – 8th and she’ll begin a European tour this fall which will include dates in Germany from November 5th – 21st. More details will soon be announced.

If you have never seen or heard Ann perform before, you’re in for a real treat! She is a unique and exciting voice in the Canadian music scene and a superb storyteller as well.

Ann’s new video ‘On Your Street’ is from her live/live-off-the-floor 2009 album “Closer Encounters”.

Steve Ashworth-Director
Brett Manyluk-Director of Photography
David Kelso-Editor
Katrina Beatty-Assistant Director
Brendon Rathbone-2nd Camera Operator
Hair design by Ponytails and Horseshoes
Make up by James Kershaw

Music by Ann Vriend and lyrics by Ann Vriend and David Aide.

Performed by Ann Vriend and James Forrest.

Plucky Canadian Vocalist Sings An Independent Tune

Ann Vriend in The Australian

Story by Ian Cuthbertson
March 15, 2010

PETITE Canadian songstress Ann Vriend says she has an affinity with Australia — even parts of the country where the pubs are not recognised for their acceptance of sensitive singer-songwriters.

“I’m from Edmonton, Alberta, which is an oil town in an oil province,” the singer, on a 10-week solo tour, said in Melbourne yesterday. “It’s pretty much the same.”

Vriend, who has been compared to everyone from Joni Mitchell to Regina Spektor and even the young Aretha Franklin, said she had developed skills to deal with trouble on the road.

“I spent enough time as a waitress while getting my career off the ground to know my way around drunks, ” she said.

But with a growing international following, independent record sales of about 15,000, and a string of reviews and accolades to her name that many more established artists would kill for, Vriend is hopeful that people who know her music will win out over potentially difficult elements.

Vriend said that after 10 years in the business she still preferred to distribute her music independently.

“When I won a songwriting competition at the beginning of my career (in 2000) I was shopped to a few majors,” she said. “But the deals they were offering were kind of anti-artistic.

“It was all `you have to be this and for the rest of your life you will write songs in this genre, and you must look like this, and be this personality’,” she said.

Vriend said that, due to contractions in the industry, it’s now worse than ever. “It’s no different now to the marketing of a brand of toilet paper, or cat food.

“That’s OK, that’s the way the world is, but I just don’t want that kind of a life. I think I would find that really depressing and in direct opposition to what I love about being a musician, which is the freedom.”

Vriend said she was now in a position where she could meet another artist and decide to record or tour together “without checking with our labels first”.

And meet people she does.

Almost an honorary Australian, Vriend stays with friends all over the country when she tours. “That’s partly because I’ve never had a huge budget, but you see so much more of a city — and a country — when you hang out with the locals, who can shepherd you to the really cool things and away from the tourist traps,” she said.

Following her extensive Australian tour, Vriend is due home in Alberta on May 4. “May the fourth be with you!” she tells friends back home, who can’t wait to hear her stories of the tour.