Why BandPage By RootMusic Is The Coolest Application For Musicians On Facebook!

I want to tell you about the best new Facebook application for musicians that I have found that by far exceeds the quality of iLike.com, which I was using for my clients and have gotten rid of, and replaced it with this new one.

It’s called BandPage by RootMusic. When you edit your Facebook fan (or music) page and then scroll down to the bottom of that page to where it says More applicationsBrowse more, you will come to the All Applications page and there you type BandPage into the search box and it will bring up the link to the application. You click on it and then you click on Add to my Page (right underneath the logo photo) and then select which page you want to add it to that you administrate.

You then go to www.rootmusic.com and set up an account there so that you can upload tracks, album cover art, post your tour dates, etc… RootMusic links to Soundcloud.com so if you don’t have an account with Soundcloud, it only takes a moment to register.

You have to input the information for your Facebook (FB) BandPage tab on the RootMusic website but once it’s complete, it will sync in to your FB BandPage tab and voila, it looks fantastic and has all the information you’d ever want people to see! You can also set the BandPage as the default landing page for people who haven’t “liked” your page yet.

So, this is a way to have a really professional looking BandPage tab on your Facebook page through which you can upload audio tracks and videos; it pulls in photos and videos from your FB page; you can add your Twitter feed, your blog URL, your website URLs, Email address, phone number, tour dates, and customize the look of it so that it looks like a professional page. You can do most of that for free!

However, for only US$20 per year you can customize the page to include a banner and colourful background, etc., to make it look really slick. That’s a good bargain because your FB fan page is really important, isn’t it?! There are also a few other features that you can use for that fee and they are described in the video link below.

This link will take you to a video that describes how to do everything. It’s long but very useful:


Start at 1:46 to listen and be patient. It will pay off! You can do this yourself and the application is really quite user friendly!

I think BandPage is awesome! The guys who run the BandPage page on Facebook are there to help you and will answer your questions. They’re musicians too and they’re great!

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What Scully Love Promo Is All About!


What is Scully Love Promo?

A Social Media Marketing and Internet Promotion business based in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, owned and operated by Christine Bode, focusing on the marketing and promotion of first class musicians, authors, actors, and artists on the Internet in order to promote their talents and expand their fan base.

How does Scully Love Promo propose to market and promote its clients?

Scully Love Promo will assist in the marketing and promotion of its clients on the Internet in the following ways:

  1. Creating MySpace and Facebook profiles (including Groups and/or Fan Pages) for the artist if they haven’t already been created and by blogging/promoting on MySpace, Facebook, Blogger, Gather, Squidoo, Shelfari , Chapters.Indigo.ca, ReverbNation, iLike, Twitter and other relevant social networking sites;
  2. Posting any information, links, bulletins, notes and/or blogs the artist wants to add to their profiles, including proofreading and editing of same;
  3. Creating events for the artist when applicable and inviting friends and fans to attend;
  4. Internet search for press and photographs (including Google Alerts) on the artist to include on their profiles;
  5. Search MySpace and Facebook for appropriate friends (fans) for the artist, adding them to their friends list and thanking each one individually with a comment;
  6. Answer as much intelligent correspondence from friends on the artist’s behalf as possible within the time constraints;
  7. Direct the artist to those individuals who should get their personal attention in the form of a comment or email;
  8. Provide the artist with monthly statistics regarding the increase of their fan base and the amount of plays each posted song or recording has received;
  9. Incorporate the ReverbNation application to profile;
  10. Post a profile on RevernNation and iLike for musicians;
  11. Provide musical artists with a CD review for Kingston, Ontario, Canada’s entertainment website, PartyinKingston.com at (PiK has reached over 11 MILLION PAGE VIEWS!);
  12. Write press releases when required;
  13. Offer photography services when feasible (within distance constraints);
  14. Ensure complete confidentiality where the privacy of the artist’s personal email is concerned;
  15. Block any individual whose profile contains any suggestion of pornography, racism, misogynism or violence.

Can anyone hire Scully Love Promo?

No. Scully Love Promo will only represent clients it feels passionate about.

Do I have to give Scully Love Promo my email address and passwords for my MySpace and Facebook accounts?

Not necessarily. It depends on exactly what features of our services that you want.

What is the fee for Scully Love Promo’s services?

  • $200.00 for creating MySpace and Facebook profiles
  • $300.00 for 15 hours of online time spent promoting the artist
  • $50.00 per press release
  • $100.00 per photo shoot including a CD of photos for the artist

NOTE: We will do our best to work within the artist’s budget and hours and fees can be adjusted.

How would one pay for Scully Love Promo’s services?

  • By direct email transfer of funds from their bank account to ours
  • Cheque or Money Order
  • Via PayPal account

When is payment due?

Upon completion of services provided, to be reported to the client via email.

How do I get in touch with Scully Love Promo?

Is Christine Bode willing to meet her clients in person?

Yes, she encourages her clients to meet her in person, as long as she doesn’t have to pay for travel costs.

What makes Christine Bode of Scully Love Promo qualified to provide these services?

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Diploma in Television Broadcasting
  • 24 years experience in office administration
  • Worked for Canada’s leading entertainment lawyer
  • Photographer for 30 years
  • Lifelong passion for music and the Arts
  • Volunteer promoter for almost 10 years
  • Entertainment Writer/Editor for PartyinKingston.com for over 3 years
  • Over 2 years of personal social networking experience
  • Ask for a copy of Christine Bode’s creative Résumé or look for it on Scully Love Promo’s blog on MySpace