Jazz-Latin/Pop Singer-Songwriter Deborah Ledon Releases the Timeless and Elegant ‘Diving For Pearls’

September 17, 2014

Jazz-Latin/Pop Singer-Songwriter Deborah Ledon Releases the Timeless and Elegant ‘Diving For Pearls

Jazz-Latin/Pop Singer-Songwriter Deborah Ledon

“The Vancouver-based singer-songwriter is as extraordinary as her life story.”


“You must only use your powers for good!”
Phillip Ditchburn, Producer, CBC Hot Air

[Vancouver, BC]  If Diana Krall, Sade and Gloria Estefan had a “thing”, Deborah Ledon would certainly be the lovechild of their ménage a trois!

A little bit jazz, a sprinkling of pop sensibility, with a touch of smooth and fiery passion to top it off; Ledon has chosen to follow her heart when it comes to music.

Over her career, she has performed throughout Canada and the United States, as her adaptable voice has garnered opportunities in rock, funk, country, blues, Big Band and jazz bands.

She has shared the stage with music legends Paul Anka and Mike Reno of Loverboy; was the grand finale at the 2010 TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival; represented Canada at the Cultural Olympiad during the 2010 Winter Olympics, and performed at CBC Radio 1 for a nation-wide broadcast.

Now, 10 years after the release of her award winning debut, Spilling Inside Out, which she wrote, produced, financed and distributed, Ledon is back revealing another facet of herself with the timeless and elegant, Diving For Pearls.

Taking much loved classics (standouts include Joni Mitchell’s “Help Me” and Eden Ahbez’ “Nature Boy”) and giving them a modern approach, Deborah and her accomplished band will project images of dancing by firelight with someone you love running through your mind. Diving For Pearl’s Spanish and English songs not only touch a nerve but will have you “visualizing” jazz.  Ledon’s voice touches one deeply hinting of past obstacles, now overcome. Her vulnerability is palpable; her original tracks are melodic and with her phrasing and unique Spanish accent, delightful. And she purposefully misspelled “Te Estraño” to highlight the misstep of Love. Strung together like a priceless strand of pearls, these songs are Deborah’s conversation with you, the listener.

The album design/packaging is eye-catching with its subtle reveal of the Deborah Ledon Diving For Pearlsartist with each panel opened, allowing us to dive deeper into the singer until we reach that brilliant crimson inside Ledon’s soul.

Deborah Ledon has earned Vancouver’s “Best Of The City: 2013” for her entertaining and engaging show. Her radiant smile and sassy, sultry, confident stage persona make her one artist you won’t want to overlook.

– 30 –

New Album: http://cdbaby.com/cd/deborahledon3
Website: www.deborahledon.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DeborahLedonMusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DeborahLedon
CBC Music: http://music.cbc.ca/#/artists/Deborah-Ledon

Christine Bode, Scully Love Promo
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Georgette Fry – AT LAST: A Tribute to Etta James

Georgette Fry Sings Etta JamesAT LAST! After a sold-out show at the 2013 Kingston Jazz Festival, Juno-nominated Georgette Fry, winner of the 2013 CBMA Blues Awards for Singer of the Year  will take to the stage at The Octave with her amazing “Georgette Sings Etta” concert.

Appearing with Georgette: Kevin Head, Mariko Ohtake, Anna Sudac (Vocals), Jon Stewart (Sax), James Wannamaker (Sax), Janet McRae (Trumpet), Dave Barton (Guitar), Zak Colbert (Bass), Ken Hall (Organ), Al McCain (Piano), Duncan Holt (Drums), Shout Sister! Choir (Gospel Back-up)

“I just want to say that I saw Georgette Fry’s tribute to Etta James at the Grand Theatre in Kingston last night and it was, without a doubt, the best show I’ve seen this year!

Georgette was SENSATIONAL and she received two standing ovations! This is definitely a MUST SEE show! …This show isn’t just for Etta James fans (of which I am)

but for anyone who wants to witness a spectacular night of blues, R&B, jazz, soul and gospel music.” C. Bode, Scully Love Promo

Watch Georgette sing “Something’s Got A Hold On Me” live on Vimeo, here

October 5th at 7:30 pm
The Octave Theatre (711 Dalton Ave)

Tickets $30 at Brian’s Record Option, Novel Idea, Renaissance Music, Tara Natural Food and at the door.For more information contact:

Nancy Greig at 613-453-6570

“At Last” Georgette Fry Sings Etta James and She’s SENSATIONAL!!

Georgette Fry & Shout Sister Choir

Photo from Picton Regent Theatre performance

“At Last”

Georgette Fry Sings Etta James

Brockville Arts Centre
June 22, 2013 – Showtime 7:30 pm

Market Hall, Peterborough
June 29, 2013 – Showtime 8:00 pm

Juno nominated
Georgette Fry has been described as a “powerful and expressive singer.”   She returns to the stage with a Tribute to Etta James, accompanied by an eight-piece band, three accomplished vocalists (Tabby Johnson, Mariko Ohtake and Anna Sudac), and the Shout Sister! Choir providing the gospel backups! 

Georgette’s concerts highlight the ease with which she bridges the gap between jazz and blues.  Sandy MacDonald, Halifax Daily News writes, “With her luscious singing voice, she explores the soulful grey area between blues and jazz, where artists like Etta James and Ray Charles and Bonnie Raitt have staked their careers.”  Long recognized as one Canada’s best blues vocalists, Georgette was most recently named “2013 Singer of the Year” by the Calgary Blues Music Association.

Etta James’ career spanned six decades, during which she had several top ten hits, a dozen nominations and three Grammy Awards and a Grammy “Lifetime Achievement” Award; in 2008, her first hit, “The Wallflower” (aka “Dance With Me Henry”) was also given the Grammy Hall of Fame Award.  Etta James passed away in January of 2012, leaving a lasting legacy.

Tickets for the Brockville show are $29.00 and are available at the Box Office at 613-342-7122.

Tickets for the Peterborough show are $33.00 and are available at the Box Office at 705-749-1146 or Moondance Records at 705-742-9425 (cash only).

For interviews contact: Nancy Greig, Manager – 613-453-6570



I saw Georgette Fry’s tribute to Etta James at the The Grand Theatre in Kingston on Thursday, June 20th and it was, without a doubt, the best show I’ve seen this year! Georgette was SENSATIONAL and she received two standing ovations! This is definitely a MUST SEE show. I was almost moved to tears during several songs as Georgette has put so much heart, soul and BLUES into her show. It blew me away. This show isn’t just for Etta James fans (of which I am) but for anyone who wants to witness a spectacular night of blues, R&B, jazz, soul and gospel music. Georgette’s back-up singers Tabby Johnson and Anna Sudac were excellent too. The whole show should really be filmed and made available on DVD, it’s that good!

Live Wire Music Series Presents The Krüger Brothers with Special Guest Jeremy Fisher on Fri. Nov. 30th

Live Wire Music Series presents: 

The Krüger Brothers with special guest Jeremy Fisher 
Chalmers United Church, Kingston
Friday, Nov. 30th, 7:30 pm
Tickets: $20 in advance and $25 at the door (if available)
@ Brian’s Record Option (613 542-2452) and Tara Foods

Kingston music lovers are in for a rare treat on Friday, November 30th when the great Swiss-born U.S. based trio, The Krüger Brothers bring their unique and powerful brand of acoustic music to Chalmers United Church as part of the Live Wire Music Series. Kingston will be one of only five Ontario cities where they will play. The band, which started as a couple of rag-tag musicians busking for spare change in Munich, is approaching their 40th anniversary with 15 albums under the Krüger Brothers name. Their highly unusual mix of traditional bluegrass, folk, jazz, and classical styles and their joyous and technically accomplished playing on banjo, guitar and bass have made them one of the top touring ensembles in North America.  In addition to their famously innovative instrumental abilities, both brothers Uwe and Jens Krüger are blessed with rich baritone singing voices and their song writing and vocal work are exceptional.

The Kruger Brothers are just about as fine a band as I’ve ever played with…I love to play music with them – Doc Watson

The Krugers are nothing short of magnificent. – Bluegrass Journal

I used to think the banjo was somewhat limited to certain styles, until I heard Jens Kruger. Jens has played some of the most beautiful and expressive banjo I’ve ever heard. – Ron Block, Alison Krauss and Union Station

Born and raised in Europe, brothers Jens and Uwe Krüger started singing and playing instruments at a very young age. Growing up in a family where music was an important part of life, they were exposed to a wide diversity of abiding musical influences. The brothers were performing regularly by the time they were 11 and 12 years old, and they began their professional career in 1979. Joel Landsberg, a native of New York City who also had a very extensive musical upbringing, joined the brothers in the early 90s and together they established the incomparable sound that the trio is known for today, built around the playing of Jens Kruger, considered one of the top two or three 5 string banjo players in the world. The Krüger Brothers moved to the United States in 2002, and are based in Wilkesboro, NC.

The Krüger Brothers were awarded a National Endowment for the Arts grant for Music from the Spring a sym­phonic suite composed and orchestrated by Jens Krüger, which premiered in 2007. In late 2010, the Krüger Brothers premiered the Appalachian Concerto, a concerto for banjo, bass, guitar, and string quartet. In addition to their regular concert schedule they perform these pieces regularly with select symphony orchestras and string quartets throughout the world.

To get an idea of just how good The Krüger Brothers are, take a peek at these two videos – the first, an instrumental and the second a beautiful and touching tribute to their mother. Then read some of the comments.



Opening the concert will be the wonderfully engaging Jeremy Fisher, a Juno nominee and terrific live performer.

“Listening to Mint Juleps, the fifth album by two-time Juno Award nominee Jeremy Fisher, is like ambling through the long and relaxed dog days of summer. The acoustic-driven collection of 12 songs reunites Fisher with his folk-drenched musical roots and is a veritable throwback to the golden era of the singer-songwriter.

That’s not to say that Jeremy Fisher lives in the past. On the contrary, the Ottawa-based musician’s craft is deeply imbued with a modern insight that has made him a strong and enduring musical storyteller. He thus inhabits a one-of-a-kind space in this current musical landscape as a rather timeless troubadour.”


Lyle Lovett’s Release Me Releases Him From Contract With Curb

CD Review
Title: Release Me
Artist:  Lyle Lovett
Label: Curb/Lost Highway
Released: February 28, 2012
Stars:  3.5

Release Me is Texan singer-songwriter Lyle Lovett’s 15th album.  I remember playing Pontiac (1987) when it was first released over and over…couldn’t get enough of his saddle smooth voice, wry sense of humour, and superb medley of genres.  I followed him quite closely throughout the release of his following four albums (Lyle Lovett and His Large Band, Joshua Judges Ruth, I Love Everybody, and The Road To Ensenada), and saw him in concert in Vancouver in 1995.  However, for some inexplicable reason, he fell off my radar for quite a while and I’m not familiar with the music he made after 1996.  I guess I was missing him.  After giving Release Me a good listen I remember why I loved him so much.

While Release Me doesn’t mean as much to me as the previous recordings I mentioned, as Lovett mostly covers other people’s songs here, it does have a few gems among its generous 14 track listing, that span from dour to droll, as well as a couple of Christmas songs which were, truthfully, a bit mystifying.  The CD’s black and white artwork features Lovett looking forlorn, standing on a country dirt road, bound by a very long piece of rope which is more than likely a metaphor for the place he now finds himself in his career.

Release Me opens on an upbeat note with a rollicking country instrumental reel highlighted by Luke Bulla’s fiddle called “Garfield’s Blackberry Blossom”.  Immediately your toes start tapping and they don’t stop as it segues into the title track, “Release Me”.  The country classic is interpreted by Lovett and k.d. lang, but for all intents and purposes is one of two throw away tracks on the album in my humble opinion.  I’m a big fan of k.d. lang too, but this is neither lang’s nor Lovett’s most memorable performance.  However, I’m completely captivated by “White Boy Lost In The Blues”, a sexy, cool blues number with harmonies by Arnold McCuller and Dean Parks’ slick electric slide guitar.  It’s my favourite track and I could push repeat on my iPhone and listen to it all day long!

Track 4, which I thought was a little out of place and could be classified as another one to toss, (though it’s certainly not bad) is the jazz standard, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, a Christmas duet with Kat Edmonson.  Later on in the album (Track 11), Lovett offers up his own Christmas song, “The Girl With The Holiday Smile”, a New Orleans style, boogie-woogie about a hooker in a grocery store.  Love it and will most certainly add it to my holiday playlist, but still can’t understand why he’d put Christmas songs on an album released in February.

Lovett is no stranger to the relationship blues and we hear more about them in the pretty and poignant ballads “Understand You” and “Dress of Laces”, a heartrending murder epic featuring harmony vocals by Sara Watkins.  He’s always been a master storyteller as well and spins more familiar yarns with “Brown Eyed Handsome Man” and “One Way Gal”.

“Night’s Lullaby” is exactly that, a lullaby with backing vocals by Sean and Sara Watkins (of Nickel Creek) while “Keep It Clean” is a Traditional standard arranged by Lovett featuring upbeat jazzy blues with whimsical, jaunty lyrics.  “Isn’t That So” is exceptionally good swinging, soulful blues that scream classic Lovett and is another favourite of mine on the album along with “White Freightliner Blues”, a frenetic country blues duet with Keith Sewell & Luke Bulla, written by Townes Van Zandt and featuring some fantastic drumming by Ross Kunkel.  Release Me closes with the gospel piano ballad, “Keep Us Steadfast”, written by Martin Luther featuring Luke Bulla on harmonies, but it’s a track I could have done without as I’d rather the album ended on a more exulted note.

Singer-songwriters as intelligent and charming as Lyle Lovett are as rare as white tigers, but I prefer to hear him sing his own songs.  Regardless, I’ll love Lyle’s style forever.  Release Me is definitely worth listening to and it’ll be interesting to see what he does as a free agent, now that his contract with Curb has ended and a new chapter is waiting to begin.

Juno Nominated Sultans of String Release Their 3rd CD – MOVE – Today!

How lucky am I to be working with 2010 Juno Award nominees, Sultans of String and their inimitable leader, Chris McKhool?

For those not in the know, Sultans of String is a world / jazz / flamenco string band that also showcases Latin, Cuban, Middle Eastern & Folk rhythms, and Manouche Gypsy-jazz through some extraordinarily fiery violin dances.  They’re also amassing an awards list that just keeps growing and growing:

• 2011 International Acoustic Music Awards Finalist – Instrumental
• 2011 Independent Music Award Finalist – Instrumental Album – Yalla Yalla!
• 2011 Independent Music Award Finalist – World Beat Album – Yalla Yalla!
• 2011 ISC International Songwriting Competition Finalist- “Auyuittuq Sunrise”- Instrumental category
• 2011 ISC International Songwriting Competition Finalist- “Gardens Of Lebanon”- World Music category
• 2010 JUNO Award Nominees for Yalla Yalla! – Instrumental Album of the Year
• 2010 Canadian Independent Music Awards nominees- Favourite World Artist/Group
• 2009 International Songwriting Competition (ISC) winners – Instrumental
• 2009 Canadian Folk Music Award triple nominee with Sultans winning Instrumental Group of the Year
(also nominated for Ensemble of the Year and Pushing the Boundries)
• 2009 Toronto Exclusive Magazine Award Winner- Best Toronto World CD
• 2009 Toronto Exclusive Magazine Award Winner- Artist of the Year
• Luna CD hit #1 across Canada on Top Ten national radio charts – “International” & ” World/Folk” categories
• 2008 International Songwriting Competition Winner (ISC) – Instrumental
• 2008 Festivals & Events Ontario- Best Variety Act
• 2008 Canadian Independent Music Awards Finalists- Favourite World Music Band
• 2008 International Independent Music Awards Finalists- Best World Fusion Song
• 2007 Musique du Monde Award
• 2007 Canadian Folk Music Award nominees – Best Instrumentalist Group
• 2007 Ontario Independent Music Award winner- Best Song & Best Instrumental
• 2007 Toronto Exclusive Magazine Award Winner- Best Latin Jazz Group
• 2007 Toronto Independent Music Award nominees – World Music Category

Sultans of String’s members include: Chris McKhool on violin (who has performed with Jesse Cook, Pavlo, Club Django), guitarists Kevin Laliberté (Jesse Cook, the Chieftains) & Eddie Paton (Robert Michaels), bass masters Drew Birston (Chantal Kreviazuk) & David Woodhead (Stan Rogers, Loreena McKennitt), Cuban master percussionists Chendy Leon & Alberto Suarez, and Bassam Bishara (master oud player from Palestine).

Today, the band released their 3rd CD (previous albums are titled Luna and Yalla Yalla!) entitled MOVE!  They are very proud of this record, a great collaborative effort among the band and all the wonderful folks who helped them record it.  You can help move Move by ordering your copy today by mail at http://tinyurl.com/sultansMove or first, you can listen to some of its tracks on their BandPage on Facebook at www.facebook.com/sultansofstring.

Fans of Jesse Cook, Pavlo, Gipsy Kings and Club Django will undoubtedly welcome Canada’s ambassadors of musical diversity into their CD collections!  If your toes start tapping, your head starts bobbin’ and your hips start swaying, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

For a visual taste of this AMAZING ensemble, check out Yalla Yalla! on YouTube:

Sultans of String put the swing into Canadian string music!