Kingston Duo Kyra and Tully Release A Gorgeous New Single: ‘Love In All These Things’

Kingston, Ontario
October 11, 2011

Acclaimed folk-duo Kyra and Tully are grateful to announce the release of their brand new single ‘Love in All These Things’.  The song, which celebrates family and community, as well as courage and perseverance, was inspired by a child who knows a thing or two about determination — Kyra and Tully’s own son, eight year old Kezyan who suffers from a rare disorder which causes him to have frequent seizures.

Based on a poem by Kingston poet, Matthew Reesor written for Kezyan and his parents, ‘Love in All These Things’ became a larger project as more and more people from Kingston’s vibrant art community got involved.  “Kezyan was struggling with seizures and was having a hard time,” explains Kyra.  “Matthew first wrote the poem as a way of reaching out…because when the seizures first started happening Keyzan was almost four years old, and a lot of our friends and family felt so helpless.”

“In our situation, every day presents its unique challenges. What was so inspirational about the poem is that it’s really about blessings in disguise,” says Kyra.  “There is positive in everything, and beauty, even in difficult times.  It’s true.  And with Kezyan, even when it’s hard and scary, we still see the love and gifts that shine through.”

The poem began to evolve into a song when Kyra and Tully decided to perform it at a musical fundraiser for a friend who was battling cancer.  Backed by a band for the first time, the song came to life.  That’s when composer and media artist Matt Rogalsky (PS I Love You, The Gertrudes) stepped in to record and produce the song.  It was later mastered by Peter J. Moore (Cowboy Junkies, Sloan).

In releasing the song as a single, Kyra and Tully hope to celebrate not only their son, but also the power of music to bring people together and to build community. They hope it will help people to feel that they are not alone in their struggles.

Kingston-based artists Kyra and Tully have been performing together since 2000.  Their self-titled EP garnered acclaim as a Critic’s Pick and one of the top ten albums of 2006 in Toronto’s NOW Magazine and earned praise from Exclaim and on CBC and campus Radio.  Their music has been featured on the popular television show, Degrassi: The Next Generation (2010).  Kyra and Tully have played showcases at Toronto’s North by Northeast and as part of Canadian Music Week.  They have performed with Bruce Cockburn, Jenn Grant, and Stephen Stanley (Lowest of the Low), among others.

‘Love in All These Things’ is available for purchase on Apple iTunes here and you can listen to it on CBC Radio 3.

Wildlife (in and out of the city) by Kyra and Tully

CD Review
Title: Wildlife (in and out of the city)
Artists: Kyra and Tully
Label: Buster Records
Released: November 2009
Stars: 3.0

Wildlife (in and out of the city) is Kingston, Ontario duo, Kyra and Tully’s debut full-length CD featuring a who’s who of talented local musicians who have contributed to this country and folk-pop treasure chest of acoustic ballads sung by a 21st century Ian and Sylvia.

Recorded by Chris Coleman (who also supplies bass, tambourine & mandolin) at Leopard Frog Studios in Battersea, and accompanied by just a few of Kingston’s able musicians including Danielle Lennon (violin), Roger James (banjo), Jay Harris (lap steel & electric guitar), Rob Gillespie (upright bass), Jay Middaugh (drums) and Jonathan “Bunny” Stewart (alto sax) among others, Wildlife is an excellent choice for an evening starlit campfire or intimate candlelit dinner party. It is obvious that Kyra & Tully are partners in every way as their voices compliment each other like peanut butter and jam and their music is the same kind of staple that everyone should have at least a little of.

Kyra Walker and Michael “Tully” Pearson, artists in every sense of the word, switch off on lead vocals on practically every track and these are soothing, soul-affirming, thoughtful songs that celebrate “beauty, sadness, and hope,” both from the road and from the heart. They’ve been described as sincere, truthful, and wistfully sad, but what you’ll notice right away about this collection is how sweet-sounding it is in its entirety, making it a little jam heavy for this peanut butter lover’s taste. Kyra, who sounds a lot like Sarah Harmer on this one, sings about nature and the strength and importance of her relationships while Tully reflects on travel and getting back to family and home.

Stand-outs include Tully’s classic Thunder Bay (which includes a striking harmonica solo), the up-tempo toe-tapper, Let It Ride (featuring Tully’s inspired keys), Under The Moon (highlighted by Jay Harris’ lap steel), as well as the delicate piano & glockenspiel lullaby, Far Away.

I know I’ve been listening to too many indie folk/pop singer-songwriters over the past few years because I find myself longing for artists with an edge, who sing from their groins; imperfect but full of fire and fervor. Although Wildlife (in and out of the city) is a solid effort that is somewhat melancholic without losing hope and often apple crisp delicious (Bruce Cockburn endorses it), it just doesn’t inspire me in ways that won’t make me forget it.