Scully Love Promo’s Facebook Page Is For All Artists!

Hello everyone!

My Scully Love Promo Facebook page offers some great tips on social media as well as information about very talented musicians, authors, photographers, and other artists. In fact, all artists are invited to LIKE the page and are welcome to post links and information about their own work.

Today the Scully Love Promo page has 1,182 members and I would love to see it reach 1,200 by the end of the week. I believe in the power of networking and helping each other to spread the love about our work. There is enough room for everyone to be successful and none of us can do it alone. Especially in light of the changes made to Facebook pages and the fact that if we are not an administrator of a page, we can only share it by either posting a link on our wall or by sending a link via email to our personal friends – unless we want to pay for a Facebook ad. So we need each other more than ever! Cross promotion can be very effective and as you know, it takes a village! I encourage all page owners to LIKE other pages as their page (i.e., refer to the Manage tab in the Admin Panel at the top of your page that says Use Facebook as…in my case, Scully Love Promo) which will feature them in the LIKES box on the right side of the Timeline-style page and help to cross promote those artists or businesses that you would recommend.

The Scully Love Promo Facebook page is just one way in which I promote the talented people that I get to know. I write entertainment reviews and interviews which you are familiar with if you read this blog, for Press +1, Canada’s largest online indie entertainment magazine (it has a readership of 3 million!) and Jill Crossland’s TimeFinders – Women Writing For Women. I also write books reviews for HarperCollins Canada and Simon & Schuster and post them on Amazon, and post press releases for local theatre and music events.

Last but not least, is my Scully Love Promo social media management business. I specialize in assisting musicians and authors with their social media marketing campaigns using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, MySpace and WordPress among other top sites, and have created dozens of Facebook pages for artists as well as local businesses. I am one of three administrators of the official Facebook page for Bob Geldof, the Irish musician (former leader of The Boomtown Rats), successful entrepreneur, Band AID and Live AID founder and humanitarian who was knighted by the Queen of England for his tireless fundraising & awareness efforts on behalf of Africa.

I would be honoured to help spread the love about you!

NOTE: This article was updated on March 26, 2012

Press +1: One Of Canada’s Largest Online Entertainment Magazine Looking For New Writers

“I know how hard it is to get your foot in the door into the entertainment industry and learned early on that experience and relationship building were the keys to unlocking those doors. When I decided to publish Press+1 it was important to me that a significant element to the magazine be grounded in new voices and the ability to mentor those new voices to their future successes.” ~ Kindah Mardam Bey – Editor-In-Chief & Publisher of Press+1

A Canadian-focused, but globally-minded publication created by a diverse range of people nationwide. Press+1 ‘Your Ticket To Entertainment’, one of Canada’s largest online entertainment magazines, is looking for writers aiming to gain some experience in writing from our mentorship program. This is an unpaid internship but can be an invaluable part of getting your foot in the door of the entertainment industry. Many of our previous Press+1 journalists who have been a part of our mentorship program have gone on to very successful careers in the entertainment industry through the connections they have made, field work and polishing their skills as a journalist.

We are looking for writers across Canada interested in covering the arts & entertainment in your local area; anything from doing articles to interviews and reviews. We need people who are excited by the world of arts & entertainment who have a positive attitude and a respect for deadlines. Press+1 is looking for people who are self-motivated and eager to learn about the arts and entertainment industry.

Here are specific areas of interest we are looking to currently expand:

• Canadian Films
• Television
• Film (general)
• Music
• Comics
• Books

The experience of being published will be a great help with future employment opportunities, you will get tickets to events in your area, do interviews, review new books/films/music releases, and if you remain a consistent and efficient part of Press+1, we will write a letter of recommendation for you.

You would be required to write reviews, do interviews and write articles. Opportunities to become an Editor. You must have easy access to a computer and the internet, and can easily access a form of transportation.

This is an opportunity only open to citizens in Canada. For further information and inquiries, contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with the subject line ‘Press+1 Correspondent – and your city location.’

Press +1: Empowering Canadian Audiences (says Telefilm Canada)

The following article is taken from Telefilm Canada’s website at:

Press+1: Empowering Canadian Audiences

With over ten years experience, Kindah Mardam Bey is a passionate industry insider who, since July of 2009, has been actively promoting the Canadian film industry online.

Dedicating a space in her online magazine, Press+1, entirely to Canadian film, Mardam Bey has sought to answer the age old question in the Canadian film industry – how to engage Canadian audiences.

With an array of multimedia content, Mardam Bey and her team of editors and journalists across Canada and beyond work to inform Canadians of their own productions. Because ‘(knowledge) is power’, then, the theory goes, the more audiences know about Canadian cinema, the more they will be engaged in its products.

Sure, Hollywood makes its appearance on Press+1, however Mardam Bey has carved out and preserved room for Canada.

Original content, press releases, trailers, photo galleries, and more including, perhaps most powerful bit of knowledge to have, the local listings, are all dedicated specifically to Canadian productions.

Furthermore, Mardam Bey has created an online community, P+1. There member readers, complete with their own profile, can blog, post and share pictures, videos and comments, start or join discussions, participate in groups, and interact directly with all of Press +1 writers and editors.

Press+1 also puts established social networks to use, using Facebook and YouTube to communicate with and attract readers.

Using the online tools available at her fingertips, Mardam Bey is certainly spreading the power around.