Kele Fleming“Christine guided and grew my social media presence during a cycle of single and music video releases, leading up to my album release. She is very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of all of the social media platforms. She is easy to work with and has great ideas. She’s flexible and adapted her social media content and implementation strategy process to my needs and goals. Christine was a great mentor to me in the time we worked together. I feel so much better equipped now to tackle the wild world of the social web!” ~ Kele Fleming, Singer-Songwriter

Michelle Berting Brett“Scully Love Promo and Christine Bode have been a godsend managing Social Media for me and for Trajectory Productions, Inc. owned by Mark Brett and myself. Christine possesses so much knowledge and experience and has been able to offer sound advice and recommendations around each of the platforms. She is meticulous with each and every post and has really grown our following and helped put “bums in the seats” for our shows and events. Christine is great at putting a plan together for short and long-term goals and is always on top of what is new and useful for her clients. She’s a pleasure to work with and a great communicator. Quite frankly, I don’t know what I would do without her!” ~ Michelle Berting Brett, Performer/Producer
Trajectory Productions, Inc.

“Scully Love Promo assisted me on all aspects of social media marketing with the goal of increasing publicity before the official concert release of my global fusion album which took place at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, Canada, over two nights in late 2018. Christine’s expertise and facility with the creation of timely intentional posts, targeted advertising on the relevant social media platforms, creation of a blog post for the press release, her patient disposition during our discussions, and source of inspiration are world class and second to none. I highly recommend Scully Love Promo as the primary choice for social media marketing and management for musicians!” ~ Chairman George, Global Fusion Artist

Abby Zotz“I love working with Christine. She is incredibly knowledgable, passionate about music and musicians’ lives, and she has extensive experience with lots of platforms that she keeps on top of. I came to her to help me launch my solo CD and she guided me through the social media side of it – a huge undertaking, especially for a solo artist – with patience, humour and immense skill. One of the things I like best is that she replies quickly and thoroughly, and she works with the individual, their style, knowledge levels and artistic vision. No question is too out there, either…and believe me, I’ve posed a few. I credit a large part of the album’s success to working with Christine and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a master of The Socials.” ~ Abby Zotz, LA Music Critic Award-winning singer-songwriter

“In the past year, Scully Love Promo has been an invaluable partner in our social mediajlh3 content, strategy and implementation. We’ve organically grown key audiences, followers and engagement, were honored with several prestigious industry awards and even our label’s artists, typically very picky customers, highly approve of their work. The reporting, creativity and flexibility are outstanding in every aspect. Thank you for job(s) well done and we look forward to a long and mutually prosperous business alliance.” ~ John L. Heithaus, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Superstar Factory Productions, LLC, Nashville, TN

Holly Blazina “My work with Christine Bode of Scully Love Promo Social Media Management has proven to be extremely helpful in boosting my profile as an artist. I’ve learned much from her on how to use my daily activities in music and around the flamenco community to create social media content to grow my brand, and I continue to do so. Just when I think I’ve got my process down to a science, Christine will give me a reminder of something that I’m still missing, such as adding photos to my blog posts, which if I were to incorporate into my process, will bring more social media traction. I find that we work well together as a team and have a great synergy. Every idea I put forward to her is met with a host of additional suggestions on her part to help my work stand out on crowded platforms. I also appreciate the understanding we’ve been able to create that I’m interested in quality followers on social media, not just high numbers.” ~ Holly Blazina, Flamenco Guitarist
Maria Dunn
“Christine Bode (Scully Love Promo) is an excellent, professional communicator. She keeps me current on social media best practices and has greatly enhanced my reach to fans and followers on multiple platforms. She is a delight to work with and a valuable member of my team!” ~ Maria Dunn, Juno-nominated Singer-songwriter

“I have had the privilege of working with Christine Bode for the past two years, since June 2015. Like many artists, my mind moves naturally to artistic pursuits, and unnaturally to other necessary tasks such as business planning and promotion, and unchecked, this can be disastrous for an independent artist. I never considered, or even really knew the importance of keeping my Facebook and Twitter accounts brimming with new material until meeting Christine.

Christine was recommended to me by a mutual friend while we were discussing this issue, and I decided to hire her for a few hours a week to do Facebook and Twitter posts on my behalf.

All I can say is the change was phenomenal. Christine has studied the trends, such as the best time to post to get the most likes, the kind of posts that people respond to, and the various types of content that succeed, whether they be video, stories, or a mix of work and personal related topics. And best of all, she leans on me to come up with content – which is difficult for an artist, but now I know possible. Of course, she needs my new material to do her job. 

She has a great command of English grammar, and spelling (very important), an upbeat, positive manner, and a chameleon-like way of speaking on my behalf consulting me when necessary. She also puts a lot of herself into what she does, and there is feeling that she cares and sees the importance of her clients’ success creating her own success.

I have seen my YouTube views rise by (201,827 views), my Facebook page likes by (587), my Instagram followers (319 since Jan. 2017), and my Twitter followers by (1,821) in the time that I have worked with her, with very few ads and minimal content. (stats as of July 5, 2017).

It is not easy to find someone like Christine, and I would recommend her services to anyone who depends on social media for their business, but perhaps lacks the time or skills to maximize their potential.” ~ Greg Wyard, Musician, and Singer-songwriter

“Working with Christine is nothing short of a great experience! She worked with me as a 10547369_728717840541232_5991617360712719330_osocial media consultant. She is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of social media and can help anyone achieve their desired results. She’s always on her game and is extremely hard working. On top of it all, she is a wonderful person. I highly recommend working with her!” ~ Mat (Songsbury) Teofilo, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Film Composer

adam-gregory“I’ve now had the pleasure of working with Christine for the better part of 5 years, and I can vouch to the dedication, determination, passion, and hard work she has put forth not only towards my career but the other artists she represents as well. On top of that, she’s an incredibly nice person, and for that, I am grateful to have her as part of my team.” ~ Adam Gregory, Multiple Juno & CCMA-nominated Country Singer-songwriter

“It’s not often that an artist is awarded FACTOR Jury Sound Recording on their first Irene Carroll of Irene Carroll Et Associatessubmission – thank you for everything you did and endured to help us get the numbers we needed where Factor was concerned.

Very much appreciated…” ~ Irene Carroll, Irene Carroll Et Associates

Porch Swing Entertainment

“Thank you to the most amazing Scully Love Promo for their social media expertise and assistance with the PSE rebranding campaign.  Christine Bode is highly recommended as a resource for artists who are looking for social media management or consulting to get you utilizing your social media platforms in the most effective way possible. Visit scullylovepromo.com to connect with Christine and check out the incredibly useful articles and tips posted there.” ~ Laurie Brown, Porch Swing Entertainment

“Christine knows what she is doing. She is passionate, meticulous and Stephen Fearingworks hard for her clients. I’ve enjoyed hiring Christine and working closely with her.” ~ Stephen Fearing, Multiple Juno Award-winning Singer-songwriter
Amanda Martinez

“I highly recommend Christine as a social media manager! She is not only great at what she does but is a pleasure to work with. Christine was able to help navigate me on various platforms of the social media maze and offer great tips and insight to keep on top of things as a musician. She has great ideas and her proactive approach helped me immensely!” ~ Amanda Martinez, Latin Jazz Singer at Sola Records

“Christine has brought a whole new hope to our Andy De Camposmarketing efforts. She is tireless in coming up with new ideas, is constantly researching to keep up with the times and has great work ethics.” ~ Andy De Campos, Songlighter Records

Donna Wood“Christine’s skill as a Social Media Guru is exceptional. How she imparts her knowledge of the various social media applications when doing a tutorial is thorough and easy to understand. She is friendly, helpful, and takes the time to explain different options skillfully. I highly recommend her as a Social Media Manager for your business.” ~ Donna Wood, Owner of Soul Purpose Business Marketing and Coaching / Enovations Designs

“At some essential level, each of us longs for connection. The world is big. We are small. What we have to say matters. One is the loneliest number. The complexity of our lives is astonishing. Business. Pleasure. Connection. How?

There are more ways to connect—with our friends, our colleagues, and our clients—than ever before. Whether the term ‘social media’ frightens you or fills you with excitement, if connection is what you most want and you need help creating and keeping those connections than Scully Love Promo is for you.

Scully Love Promo is living proof that intimacy can exist in a world of virtual connections. It is possible to create intimate café connections with folks who live on the other side of the planet.

If you are looking to find a larger audience for your artistry, grow your business, and create meaningful, ongoing personal and professional relationships then look no further than Scully Love Promo for social media marketing and management services.

Work with someone as passionate as you are.” ~ Gary Rasberry, Juno-nominated Singer-songwriter for Best Children’s Album, Artist-Educator

Anslem Douglas“We live in a world where people give a lot of “lip service”. It is always very refreshing to find someone who says what they will do and then act on it. Christine, you are such a person.

Your forward-thinking and commitment to push my career forward is Priceless!” ~ Anslem Douglas, Grammy-winning songwriter of Who Let The Dogs Out?

“For the past 8 years, I have employed Scully Love Promo as an online social media promoter. I have no complaints and instead have found Christine to be consistently thorough, prompt, enthusiastic, and professional.  She also always makes sure she is up to date with the newest developments in social media and passes on tips and links for her clients to read.  As the social media landscape is constantly adapting and changing, and as independent artists such as myself are so busy with our careers it is a relief to know someone else is on top of those things, and enabling me to maximize my presence online to the best of my time and resources.  I highly recommend the services of Scully Love Promo.” ~ Ann Vriend, Canadian Recording Artist & International Touring Singer-songwriter

“I have worked in the entertainment business for 12 years and have learned first hand that the greatest video, song, recording artist, etc. isn’t worth anything if no one experiences it.  Marketing is the single biggest determining factor in a project’s success.  So, during the 2 years of startup on my animated series, I contacted many of my music and television peers and researched who would be best to present my series to the public and the answer was Christine Bode of Scully Love Promo.

Christine exceeded all of my expectations and within the release of my first 3 episodes, she had me in conversations with the head publicist for one of the largest television networks in the world as well as the largest talent agency in existence.  Since our first episode was released, the subscriptions of “Múmú Ci” are increasing by over 10% every week.  We have a solid fan base that spans the world and Christine has introduced the series into markets that I hadn’t even considered.

Christine has also developed a marketing calendar tailored to my own schedule and abilities. This has generated more time for me to spend on my series. Aside from everything else Christine has done, just the fact that she has bought back my time, has paid for her services ten times over! ~ Darin Steckler, Musician, Writer & Creator of Múmú Ci

“We are very pleased with all aspects of Scully Love Promo’s service.  Christine is truly your right hand when it comes to social media marketing and creating buzz.  We highly recommend her.” ~ Dawn James, Author, Public Speaker & Sound Healer from RaiseYourVibration.ca

“Christine Bode of Scully Love Promo is our secret weapon. Her social media marketing and management skills assist us in keeping up to date with our online presence and helped us to sell out Koerner Hall in October 2013. I don’t know what I’d do without her!” ~ Chris McKhool, leader of Multiple Juno-nominated Recording Artists, Sultans of String

“Since I hired her, results for my social media strategy has been astronomical, her knowledge on the PR-social media stratosphere is without a doubt the best in the business.  Christine is a detail-oriented person who watches your public relations through social media like a hawk without losing sight of the strategic objective.  She is a sweet, wonderful, hardworking, motivating and driven businesswoman who goes beyond her duties to look after you and your business. I recommend her 100%.  Thanks, Christine, glad to work with you.” ~ German Cantillo, Founder of Santa Lucia Music LFR

“I have been working with Christine for a while now and she has set me up so that my social media runs smoothly. She has been honest in what I actually needed and has helped save me money! If needed I can manage it all myself, having said that if I need her to post for me or to set anything up she has done it immediately and has been completely reliable and efficient in her service. She is a lovely person who has made my life so much easier and demystified the whole social media maze!! Christine is a pleasure to work with!” ~ Laura Fernandez, Latin Jazz/Adult Contemporary/World Music Recording Artist, Official Steinway Artist, visual artist, REALTOR®, producer & host of Cafe Latino on JazzFM.91

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Christine Bode and Scully Love for five years and would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to further his or her online presence. Her knowledge of social media and all its intricacies is phenomenal; she prepares a detailed invoice at month’s end so you know exactly where your money’s been applied. Results are readily available as is Christine when it comes to answering any questions you may have in regards to improving or maintaining your business’ web presence. Christine is a joy to work with and someone who I plan to keep on my “team” for years to come.” ~ Deborah Ledon, Latin, Torch & Sexy Jazz Singer-songwriter, Entertainer & Session Singer

“Christine is a lovely, amazing social media mama! She makes you feel it’s all doable, she is super duper efficient, and her prices, integrity, and value-added service is exceptional. If social media stuff drives you nuts hire this woman!” ~ One Funny Lady Deborah Kimmett, Professional Speaker, Humorist, Author and Mentor

“Christine has taken a huge load off me in managing my social media and posting concerts and events to a wide range of sites – always very promptly and efficiently. My outreach has expanded tremendously as a result.” ~ Shari Ulrich, Juno Award-winning Singer-songwriter

“Christine has been a great asset to me. She is self-motivated, always learning and finding new avenues for me to promote myself without spreading me too thin. She knows when and how to get things done and when “I” need to be the one “doing”.  She pushes me when I need to be pushed and is extremely professional and friendly. I would recommend her to anyone!” ~ Kelli Trottier, CCMA-nominated Fiddler, Singer-songwriter, Stepdancer and former member of Bowfire

“They say good things come to those who wait. I believe I was waiting for Christine but I didn’t know it.  She has been super helpful to me as a Social Media Manager. What I truly love about her is that she goes above what is required of her and she helps you in every way that she can. She is absolutely divine to talk to and very professional. I’m impressed! I’d recommend Christine to anyone with social media needs because she’ll tailor a plan that is right for you.” ~ Denise Edwards, Owner/Operator of Tropix Coconut Drops

“I started working with Christine in July 2012 in preparation for the release of my Healing Circle Puzzles book. Right away I was impressed with her truthfulness about what she specializes in and how she thought she could help me. Christine seems to always be thinking about her clients because she frequently connects with social media tips and new tools or articles that can help us improve our social reach. She loves what she does and it shows in the ideas she puts forth. I’m happy to have her expertise on my team and look forward to working with her for years to come.” ~ Cindy O’Neil, Canadian Author & Songwriter

“I would highly recommend Christine Bode from Scully Love Promo for her social media expertise. I hired her to help me with a worldwide Top Spiritual Author Contest. Her enthusiasm, attention to detail, and wisdom are rare qualities these days. She went above and beyond what we had decided to do…using her initiative to come up with new ideas on a daily basis. She assisted with initial set-up and then maintained all of my social media: Facebook pages, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Twitter.” ~ Cheryl Hiebert, Author, Wellness Coach & Personal Growth Expert

“Just wanted to put in my feelings of appreciation for Scully Love Promo. Christine has been doing a great job for me and my books, Marshall and His Green High-tops and Fish Faces. My name and face are appearing all over the internet with her excellent help. Wouldn’t be at this place without Scully Love Promo.” ~ Camille Blue Amy, Children’s Picture Book Author


“Christine Bode at Scully Love Promo has done a fantastic job for me with online promotion. She’s efficient, enthusiastic and great to work with. I would highly recommend her services.” ~ Emily Maguire, International Recording Artist & Touring Singer-songwriter

“My schedule doesn’t always allow me the time I need to promote my music. Christine has been a Godsend for me. She knows how to navigate the overwhelming sea of information and choices, and keeps up to date on all aspects of social networking media. She is professional and courteous, and never hesitates to help me when I have a question. Christine put together my Facebook page, Twitter account and designed a Bandzoogle website for me. Her services allow songwriters to do what they do best…to write, record and perform music.” ~ Philip Polk Palmer, Recording Artist

“Christine Bode is an asset to any individual or company who needs online marketing or promotion in any way. She is utterly efficient, inventive, professional and explores hitherto unthought-of avenues of publicity. She is a delight to work with as she is enthusiastic, passionate about the commitments she undertakes and committed to getting results fast. I can not recommend her services highly enough.” ~ Anna Pasternak, Bestselling British Author & Former Columnist for The Daily Mail

“It has been my pleasure and privilege to work with Christine Bode, founder and administrator of Scully Love Promo, on several promotional undertakings via the internet including Daisy Dooley Does Divorce by Anna Pasternak. Christine is extremely thorough, energetic, resourceful, enthusiastic and professional. Her interpersonal skills are exceptional and her ability to communicate effectively is highly developed, exceeding that of most. I have been a witness to a myriad of wonderful and innovative ideas, which Christine has formulated and put into effect on her projects and have not the slightest hesitation in giving Scully Love Promo a glowing recommendation.”~ Paige O’Neill, Website Moderator and Social Media Manager for Mike Scott & The Waterboys

For more testimonials about Christine’s work, go to LinkedIn.